Nano Modules Random

Almost certainly. It’s branded with the VCV logo, huge no go without permission.

I think (but am not certain) that’s it would be fine to use the source code (given the license). but as @contemporaryinsanity points out, it’s not ok at all to re-use the artwork and branding without permission.

Still nothing about this anywhere?



And now Nano has a quick guide available on their site.

They have added an interesting twist to the stock VCV functionality:


Thanks to a switch in the back of the module, you can normalize the LIN output to the 4 CV inputs and adjust the amount of modulation for each parameter with the attenuverters.

This adds another layer of randomness to your results, enabling more dynamic and unpredictable outcomes.

I totally missed that feature when looking at the new Nano module in VCV. The feature can be enabled in the module context menu.

I have always been surprised by the lack of public patches that feature the VCV Random. It is a very versatile random source, and I think a welcome addition to the physical Eurorack world.


VCV Fundamental modules are uniformly excellent.

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i guess it will fit :broccoli:


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This pic says: “I’m planning to receive a large inheritance soon…”


2 rows are already filled :wink:

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The DivKid review …


I really hope this gets the attention it deserves in the hardware world. The Random module is fairly unique in its capabilities in software modules, but I don’t know enough about hardware modules to know if it can find a niche. This certainly seems to be a good emulation in the hardware.

I did notice one thing about the software version of the Nano Module - just like the Audible Instruments modules it is described as a ‘Hardware Clone’, when in fact it is a software clone of a hardware module, which is itself a hardware clone of a software module. My brain hurts.

Oh maybe we need a new thread - What VCV Rack Modules do you want to see in Hardware? :grin:

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Dark Energy and FM-OP are on the list

Does that mean you know of a hardware manufacturer plans? Or are you stating a wish?

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Just being wishful, those tickle my fancy.

Good choices. Though let’s actually create a new topic rather than hijack this one.

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for sure, I thought there was topic about this already


Damm and I looked to see if there was one before I posted. Oh well.