VCV Rack modules similar to the hardware Malekko Varigate module?

Just looking for something like the variate, wondering if anyone has come across an emulation

I think you can use any gate sequncer, the point of Varigate is hands-on control.
If I may ask, what exactly, what parts and features of Varigate make it desirable for you in software?

I haven’t seen a module with the repeat and delay controls for this. GATE SEQ 64 does have a probability setting per-step, but ey would have to emulate the rest by filling in the notes.

8 channels of gate outputs with up to 16 steps per channel, mute and random functions

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Hi @bendedavis, welcome to the forum. You posted Andrew’s video, does it have anything to do with Malekko Varigate and this thread? If yes can you please point to the right point? It’s a long video :slight_smile:

Here you go :

40 minutes and about 30 seconds in


Looks like Malekko is in development for VCV, thank god

There’s was some chatter about Malekko joining the VCV library a while back. Did this happen, maybe under a different name or something?