VCV Rack modules for oscilloscope light drawings?

hi Rack 'wigglers!

I’m just getting started with Rack and having some fun plugging it into my hacked Vectrex. Can you help me find some key modules I use for my light drawings?

I’m looking for modules that come close to:
Intellijel Dixie, Rubicon, Dr Octature, Linix, Azimuth, uScale
ADDAC Intuitive Quantizer
Synthesis Technology E350, E355, E370/371
Mungo w0
Doepfer A-110-6 TTZQ VCO Quadrature Voltage Controlled Oscillator, A-114 Ring Mod
Epoch Modular Twin Peak, Benjolin
Make Noise Optomix, Dynamix

thanks for your help!

you can use the filter “tag” in the library image

or be a bit more specify about what the module that are you looking for do (or add a link with the specifications of the module)

Thanks, @david - I’ve been using the Library Tag filter. Typing in the names of the Eurorack modules I play in the “Name” field hasn’t helped. Ideally, I’m looking for modules that capture aspects of the Euro modules I love, and then open up new possibilities unique to the Rack family.

I’m not just looking for functions; I’m looking for the best Rack modules for oscilloscope drawings. I’ve listed my favorite Eurorack modules, hoping that other fans of those may have already found (or, developers made?) similar options in the Rack Library.

All of the modules on my list are very playable instruments. Each one in the list has design features that are ideal for live light-drawing.

For example, the Intellijel Rubicon is a Through-Zero oscillator with an abundance of independent waveshape outputs along with multiple options for the outputs (pulse width, different curves for the sine wave, subharmonics, and overdrive) exceptionally well-tuned knobs and CV inputs. The Synthesis Technology E350/E355/E370 waveshapes were curated by Paul T. Schreiber and Robert Rich in pairs; when sent to the H/V inputs of an oscilloscope in XY mode, they make lovely patterns.

The Softube Modular suite includes a licensed software version of the Rubicon. The Softube/Intellijel Korgasmatron is also very playable and gives you much of the experience of playing the hardware module.

My Rack research on the Forum has so far turned up “Spike” (modeled after Make Noise Maths) and of course the Mutable/Audible, Befaco and Grayscale modules. Those are great but not essential to my lissajous artwork.

you might be better off just looking at VCV as it’s own thing. Yes, there are a few (very, very few) people who make “clones” of Eurorack modules, but not as many as you might hope. Probably for a variety or reasons. They are free, and people who make free stuff often don’t want to just copy other’s work - it’s not as fun. Also, cloning others modules without permission is not really approved of here. So, you will find a few, but you will miss out on the thousands that are not clones.


This subject has been discussed before:

I made a copy of that spreadsheet, back then, just in case that became no longer available


Hi and welcome to the forum!

If i may add to the answers given, you might want to edit the title of this topic. To something like: Modules for light/oscilloscope drawing?

It might help getting answers from others who already discussed this topic several times, either here on the forum or on FB.

Right now the title suggest you are looking for another program that is equivalent to VCV Rack :slight_smile:

In addition to what you are looking for, are you familiar with OsciStudio? It is very interesting for rendering wav files of drawing designs that can be used as source, triggered from sample players.

Another alternative if you can’t get satisfied with Rack modules, there are a set of interesting VST plugins by

But you will need VCV Host module for that, and i have checked only the Spiral plugin which worked.

I do remember sending them a mail asking if they were interested in developing the VST’s as modules for Rack. You could try sending a mail requesting the same :wink:


Of course, I don’t know what you’re hoping to achieve, but here’s @Cabotage_KSM’s 3 part series about Oscilloscope shenanigans in VCV:


for some reason there are not many very complex module in VCV, it’s more like build your own: you want a VCO with 16 output? then copy 16 instance of your vco and tweak the waveshape of each of them :slight_smile: For the ligth drawing, you can try any corellated chaos outputs: Vult Caudal, and the Wikid collection


Thanks for all the replies! It will take awhile to reply to all, please be patient with me…

!Thank you @bp.dtmr this is very helpful!

I’ll be checking out several of those plugins on the spreadsheet.

All of the physical modules I listed at the top of this thread I already own (I have a dozen Dixie’s!) The spreadsheet lists some VCV Rack plugins that emulate Eurorack modules I haven’t gotten around to buying yet, so I’m interested in those as well…

Thanks @Squinky

Just to clarify… I am not looking to replace my Eurorack modules. Indeed, I hope to discover new light-drawing-wiggling pleasures in VCV Rack. I’m just seeking to start from what I know, building upon half a decade of obsessively plugging all the modules I find into my Lisa Joy.

I’m just getting started - I look forward to checking out your plugins! And, for sure- I don’t believe in ripping off the hard work of others. I do, however, agree with Oscar Wilde: " Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

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Just a Quick question that i think Is not off topic. When i want to see a visual rappresentation of 2 frequency togheter, I put the output in x y of scope in lissajou mode if the 2 VCO have a frequency that is in a nice ratio the visual result on the scope Is more pleasant

The question Is: are there any other way to use x and y lissajous input for example with a monophonic single VCO?