VCV Rack Module Clones & Emulations

I will keep this updated; please let me know if anything is missing/incorrect.


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Thanks. I can probably retire my list of module equivalents now.

A suggestion: VCV is the company, and Rack is the software. You might want to re-title the topic and adjust the headings in the list to take that into account. Also, you might want to say these are module clones and emulations in the title/document name.

  1. steevio metod is not a brand. Steevio uses Doepfer modules, but I don’t think the one from south pole actually emule it

The Southpole module allows a closer emulation of Steevio’s method than without. I’m not aware of any of the Fundamental modules, which I equate somewhat to Doepfer, that function the way But - A/B Buss does. Per Southpole:

  • Inspired by DJ Steevio’s modular method
  • Either input A or B go to the output and the A/B busses
  • Two summed identical outputs for A and B buss are provided.

I realize Steevio is not a brand, but this is included because I find it interesting.

Hundreds of people have viewed this doc, and that’s the most pedantic feedback I’ve received so far. I like your style.

VCV Rack. It’s like Ableton Live. I get that Live is the product, but live is such a generic word, like rack. If I was searching for this doc, I wouldn’t search ‘rack clones’, know what you get…porn! Nice. I get what you’re saying though.

If you want pedantic feedback. Vult Ferox was modeled with the same circuit as the Elby Designs CGS749, not with the Doepfer. However the user interface is different.

Most of the Vult filters are modeled after DIY version of well known filter circuits, but I don’t copy the panels of manufacturers. Here’s the list:

  • Lateralus: Hybrid diode/transistor ladder. Modeled after the Roland filter circuit and added a few tweaks to get close to the Moog circuit.
  • Vorg: Single section of the filter circuit of Korg MS-20.
  • Ferox: as mentioned above CMOS filter based on the circuit of the CGS749.
  • Nurage: Based on the circuit of Thomas White LPG which is based on the Buchla LPG.
  • Vortex: based on the circuit of the Polivoks (Erica Synths version).
  • Tangents: based on the Steiner-Parker version of Yusynth. The three models are variations of the same circuit.
  • Stabile: based on the textbook Stave-Variable filter circuit (linear version).
  • Unstabile: Nonlinear State-Variable filter with low voltage simulation.
  • Julste: based on the paper of Parker and D’Angelo modeling the Buchla LPG.

Flame is a mashup of distortion pedals. Rat, Tubescreamer, Fuzz, Muff, DS-1.

Other Vult modules are composed of analog modeled blocks, like oscillators, envelopes, vactrols, faders, etc.


I think he means that it should be titled something like “VCV Rack plugin clones…”, since it doesn’t make sense to look for emulations of Rack itself.

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Adding ‘plugins’ to the doc title makes sense to me; that’s what I use in the description field in the doc itself. Only reason why I didn’t was I saw a thread in the VCV Facebook group where using the word ‘plugin’ was being mocked as a term used by someone who doesn’t understand the difference between a module and a vsti. I’ll make the change.

Awesome; thanks!

“Plugins” are the shared libraries that contain compiled code. Plugins may include multiple modules. I suppose “modules” makes more sense in the title though.

Done; thanks.

Audible Instruments Preview contains Tidal Modulator 2, based on Mutable Instruments Tides (2018 version)

Thanks again!

By the way, since I have you, do you consider the Fundamental modules to be Doepfer-ish?

Doepfer is a good analogy, because they were the first in the format and implement most people’s concept of generic modular synthesis, but they’re not based on any particular hardware.

Valley Interzone = Intellijel Atlantis

Absolutely amazing resource, by the way. I’ve bookmarked and set myself up to receive an email when anything’s added to the list, and highly recommend others doing so.

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I think I can say now that Vult Vorg is a clone of Vult Analog Vorg.


Another change. Lindenburgh’s Valerie is a clone of the Korg MS20 filter, not Roland’s.

Actually, this needs a new category: hardware clones of software. Wouldn’t it?

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hahaha that’s right. The software version existed before the hardware. I’m doing other back-clones so a category would be necessary.