VCV Rack Module Clones & Emulations

(Omri Cohen) #22

Man, it looks so nice… You’re an artist Leonardo!

(Stephan) #23

@richardisabelle the google document is deleted!?!?

(Florian Fm Martin) #24

Check on the Facebook group, you should find it there!

(Andrew Belt) #25

Some people don’t have Facebook, so they might appreciate a URL to the document.

(Paul Piko) #26

I can revive the list I have if anyone is interested. I stopped posting a link to it when the new one came along and the owner was very active.

I just need to update it with the modules that have come along since January.!236571&ithint=file%2Cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!AN-8s9VqOBqv5xo

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(KlirrFactory) #27

@modlfo - you are bad!

KlirrFactory ClockMultiplier / Ratcheting Controller is highly based on Doepfer A-160-5
I did a few design changes (Dividers from 1-16 instead of 3 different divider sets).


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