VCV Rack Livestreamers - Twitch, YouTube, etc

Updated May 3, 2019. Fixed the formatting to stop loading every channel.

Also added Vencabot

Right now is streaming some vcvrack. Answering the age old question “what happens if you plug a quantussy ring in to all the cv controls of Modal Synthesizer?”


Thank you for the shoutout, @dag2099 - I’m honoured. If anyone needs me, I’ll be standing in the shadows of the creative geniuses listed above.

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…not sure if sarcastic? :wink:

Not even the smallest Kappa. There’s enough aural goodness coming from even HALF the streamers listed for it to be an honourable mention.

All streamers: @ablaut has challenged everyone to use this set 3 row x 104 HP rack for at least one stream between now and June 10th!

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A few days ago someone calling themselves “vortic0” (note the 0) started following people on Twitch, including myself. According to witnesses this person did not sound much like Andrew himself in chat and we’re a bit concerned about the identity of this person. Can anyone advise?

That’s me, no worries.


Although can you post a screenshot of a transcript? I don’t know if twitch allows duplicate usernames or something.

We we’re wondering why not vortico instead of vortic0 :wink:

I just got an email saying dag followed me, so I’m pretty sure you’ve got the correct account.

I guess vortico was taken when I registered my account.

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fair enough, and thank you for following us ( a bunch of us) on twitch, we all noticed it :smiley:

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If I may ask, what do you mean by screenshot of a “transcript” ?

I think, he just wants to see what “he” said. Just find the Dronehands VOD.

Oh ok I get it now. Dronehands doesn’t keep VOD so it’s gone for good now.

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I thought to signal to rackers that posted in this discussion, that it looks like Twitch player’ embeds in the thread possibly need to be regenerated (simply editing and re-saving the post should do the trick). This issue was recently raised by @jaynothin - one can see this other recent thread in the forum for reference: Twitch embeded video broken/error

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I’m streaming VCV Rack v2 at Nothing too special; most of the features are from earlier this year.


I have done some VCV streams recently on twitch under 123keatonn and plan to continue to do so more on a more regular schedule soon! :slight_smile: lowkey im kindof a noob but I’m still having fun making some patches and commentating and explaining the small bit I know over them. Feel free to hang out and watch, give ideas for the patch, or ask questions.