VCV Rack for DAW pre-order?

@Vortico I really love the idea of using Rack as a VST inside of Renoise, thank you for making this true. To underline this statement and to support the developement, i would like to pre-order the VST version of Rack V2, if this would be of any help.


I know many people would be willing to pre-order!


Thanks for the offer, but we won’t be doing preorders. Just save your $99 for February 2020 when orders open up.


I’ll do! Thank you for the info.

So when is this coming??? we are long over February :slight_smile:


Yeah when

We’re all (borderline) anxious to get our hands on VCV for Rack, and it’s unfortunate that Feb 2020 was specifically stated as a target at some point in the past. But software dev release guesstimates are not an exact science, and Andrew has stated multiple times that it will take another wee while, and painted the current plan in detail here:

No point in complaining & moaning (or rather it’s counterproductive / frustrating even, for Andrew and the community at large), especially when there is so much happening in VCV world, and transparency given (alas a tad late, admittedly).

my few cents/thoughts.


40:07 Andrew Belt: “I release at the speed of eurorack” … “3 months later than i say”

Asking when is not a complaint, sometimes my children calls me and ask ‘when’ I get home from work or ‘when’ dinners ready, if I would get dissed by that I have some mad ass issues! Just saying


I’d pay full price for Alpha/Beta access just so I can get some MI modules into my other DAW. I’m about to pay out for Softube as soon as it goes on sale. Would rarther spend the money on VCV Rack.


I’m definitely not complaining :slight_smile: I love VCV and what it can do, I just haven’t heard anything about vcv in daw for a while and it was written that it should be out in Feb and were just asking :slight_smile:

No bad vibe at all :slight_smile:

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Updates are posted there:

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Pretty quiet over there of late… would be nice to see it updated a little more frequently to get the sense things are progressing.

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I agree. In the meantime you can watch the (rather long but interesting) streams of this channel, Andrew talks quite often about development and other details of Rack:


All of this makes me think of two songs, “The Sound of Silence” and “Here Comes Santa Claus”. ;o)

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This is amazing. Can’t wait.

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Yeah can’t wait as well. Is there any chance VCV for Daws will still come out this year at all?

My guess is it will be out 8-9 weeks after there are alpha builds available for Rack v2.0, give or take.

    - Continue working on Rack v2 and Rack for DAWs.
    - Once both are “alpha” quality, release Rack v2 source code.
    - Wait at least 4 weeks while testers and plugin developers review the code.
    - Once both are “beta” quality, begin providing development builds of Rack v2. Send Rack for DAWs builds and licenses to testers.
    - Wait at least 2 weeks for users to review the development builds.
    - Once Rack v2 is “stable” quality, release it.
    - Wait at least 2 weeks.
    - Once marketing is ready, release Rack for DAWs.

source: Rack development blog


It’s good practice to include the URL of information that you copy or paraphrase from, so people reading it can refer to the source.


Can you explain to me why you are so impatient ? (just out of curiosity). Merci beaucoup :slightly_smiling_face: