VCV rack 2 VST in Ableton 11 native mode m1

Dear friends, i can not see VCV rack 2 plugin in Ableton 11 native mode m1. Other plugins that are not native still show up via rosetta, and it works good in bitwig. but ableton doesnt recognize … is there something i dont get?

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Anyone know if plans are in the works for an updated vst that works on m1 machines (for those of us who don’t want to open Live in Rosetta mode)?

There are no mentions of an M1 native VCV VST plugin in the works soon or later.

You could wait for the AU version of the plugin,
which was planned for later.
As stated in some earlier official development blog post.

And then hope that Ableton running in native M1 mode will show it.

Thanks @Eurikon ! Yeah the AU should take care of everything!

Are you sure that it will use a non-native AU but will not use a non-native VST? I can believe it, but that sounds odd.

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I’m not sure of anything! I thought I read that AU’s were imbued with magical properties that made them immune to this intel/arm nonsense?

Lol, of course not. It’s just a plugin format that’s still compiled for a specific architecture.

Since Rack2 isn’t likely to get native ARM any time soon (remember the entire library would have to be recompiled to be compatible with it) you’ll have to deal with Rosetta for now.

Doesn’t AUHostingCompatibilityService make AU’s work automatically?

As I understand it, AUHostingCompatibilityService runs under Rosetta and provides a bridge so that the AU plugin can be Intel, while the DAW is native M1.

Exactly! So hopefully the upcoming AU plug-in will solve everything for us m1 folks! :crossed_fingers:

Any updates on this? I just bought Rack 2 not realising this was the case, it’s been out so long and the M1 is such a common architecture in this area I didn’t suspect this wouldn’t be working.

Do we have a release date yet for the AU plugin?

no, there is no release date for that.

vcv rack is already M1 ready. We want Vcv rack M1 native, so VST bridges works also on native only plugins aka Garage Band and Logic.

I am Reason user, there is Combinator 2 patches that uses the Vcv rack 2 bridge. Reason as plugin wont work on M1 macs. M1 conversion is a priority. We can ditch non M1 modules for the time being. Nobody needs ALL library Plugins. For that only I would like the Vcv Pro licence. But no.

I’m not paying the Vcv Rack 2 Pro price untill M1 is not out. Same for Reason. M1 must be in the next upgrade. Non M1 modules will not load. Thats okay. We can have two separate install. It’s perfectly fine.

So you would basically only have the Fundamental modules and nothing else (since the entire library would be broken). How is that any useful?

for what it’s worth, Reaper arm64 native loads intel VSTs just fine so it is a Reason issue, file one with them

I’m fairly confident that if the library team recompiled Rack and all the open source plugins to ARM64 today a pretty good portion of them would just build without issue. If I were Andrew it would more be thinking about the time spent fixing the ones that wouldn’t just build and then all the proprietary plugins that need to do it themselves. That can take quite some time. Would I want to offer an M1 flavor of 2/3 of the library or wait to the whole library works. Because you know users are going to grumble…

Exactly, users won’t be happy until there is feature parity and that takes some considerable effort.

I think @LarsBjerregaard was saying the opposite - you don’t need full parity in the number of plugins. 2/3 would be just fine for a lot of ppl.

But you just know the most vocal people will complain the loudest about the smallest missing feature :stuck_out_tongue:

Imo it doesn’t make sense to release this half-assed. Either have the full library, and then for all platforms that support ARM, or don’t do it at all.