VCV Rack 2 teaser

Marc’s right that it does replace Unity - Andrew talked about it in his recent live stream

Hi everyone, first time poster, hope I’m doing it right :slight_smile:

I have a request, or rather a suggestion. It’s not very important, but I feel for me and maybe other people it might make things just a tiny bit easier.


If a right click menu could be added to the FPS info so we can change it from there instead of going view>frame rate, it would be so cool.

BTW the beta looks awesome, can’t wait for the official release, congrats to Andrew and every developer whose work make it possible :slight_smile:

Welcome! Interesting idea, though I don’t know that people will be changing frame rate so often to justify it. The best way to make a request is to contact VCV Support

have never changed it, myself.

Agreed - if one does it at all, it tends to be a set and forget control.

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Early Christmas gift

I don’t think so, I myself changed it once and never more touched it. just for testing now of the V2 beta I change it often, but that won’t be anymore when the V2 is released

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“Level” replaced the switch to be more flexible: to get back “avergage” result: you will have the same result by setting level to 1/2 if you have 2 inputs ; 1/3 if you have 3… or any in between because it’s a knob :slight_smile: Inverted out is lost… you can get it back by sending the signal in 8vert and have the knob fully CCW, the idea was to make a simple mixer that you can use and recall everywhere in your patch whenever simple mix operation is required


I think the new Mix is generally much more approachable and will get a lot more use.

I always found Unity to be a bit complex for a Fundamental module and rarely saw it used.

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I must admit, I never used it until I started trying to create various functionalities like logic gates, rectifiers, etc. using only Fundamental modules. It became somewhat of a workhorse for me in that endeavor

VCV Unity was my least favorite built-in module. The intention was a no-nonsense alternative to stacking multiple cables on an input port, which is not possible for very good reason. Beginners were asking “Why can’t I combine CV by stacking cables on an input?” I would suggest VCV Unity, but it led to more confusion because it has a VU meter (which is designed for audio rather than CV), has two channels (but they only needed one!), and has an average switch (which confused people why it was decreasing the level simply when adding additional cables, which is the point of averaging).

VCV Mix fixes all these problems, as well as offering an adjustable gain parameter for free. The panel is as narrow as possible within our internal design guidelines, and two VCV Mix modules is the same width as one VCV Unity.

VCV VCA-2 was also deprecated/hidden and replaced with the single-channel VCV VCA (which now has an exponential “jumper” available in its right-click menu). Both VCA-2 and Unity are still available when loading old patches but are unavailable in the Module Browser.


Thanks for the explanation.

Any chance you could squeeze the Inverse output into Mix?

There’s no room, but I wouldn’t mind adding a right-click menu item.


I like the new VCV Mix design a lot, much more approachable IMO.

That level knob is just begging to be CV modulated though…

You’re looking for a VCA :slight_smile:

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Ha! Yeah I know… just sayin.

Thanks, that would help some, but I worry about confusion if there are a number of Mix modules in a patch, some inverted, and some not, and no visual indication which is which.

Switched output wouldn’t help at all for a use case where I currently use Unity to sum together outputs, and then offer both the normal as well as inverted outputs simultaneously - for example, in the creation of a full rectifier. It’s not a huge deal, since the output can simply be sent to 8vert to get the inversion. But that would require two 8Vert inputs, as I want both pos and neg signals to stay in sync down to the sample level.

I thought the Mix inputs could be shifted up to make room for the Inverted output, but if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit.


There is always Bogaudio’s UMix, sums and averages just fine… No inverse out though… but an attenuverter would fix that

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This actually highlights a long-standing gripe of mine. This black on black is REALLY too low contrast, would love a setting to beef up the contrast or just make text white.

I think it’s a good decision and the new WT VCO is an awesome replacement for VCO-2 and so much more with the import ability. Can’t wait to play with it some more. And yeah, in general the many improvements to Fundamental are fantastic, great job!


November 22 already. Here we gooooooo!!!