VCV Rack 2 teaser

If there is, is it sequence-able? I think you can multi-select and save groups of modules.

But the 8 face captures snapshots of multiple modules at once. My use case is to have an 8Face saving snapshots of a sequencer, the clock divider sending it clocks, and a quantizer. That way I can change chord/scales/sequencers in one go.

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I am curious if anyone has tested the VST with ES9 to ES5 (with expanders) … The VCV Implementation of interacting with ES5 blows the Silent Way plugins out of the water, I am curious if it works as I hope it does. (In that you can send complex DC Audio from VST out into your daw (using bitwig) and then to an ES9.

Any update on an ETA? The last I know was “in November 2021”.

I got to experience the new 2 channel AUDIO module with integrated volume dial and VU meters in the Rack 2 beta, which does not work in Rack 1, and your CHORDS module from Rack 1 doesn’t work with Rack 2. I read somewhere that Rack 1 VCV modules will going to be compatible with Rack 2, but I hesitate to get the other paid modules of Rack 1 until I can see they work with Rack 2.

image image

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No, modules are not compatible.

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nope, you will have your V1 modules in the V2( if the developer continue developing for this version) but the V1 modules work only in the V1. you should continue using the V1

the current V2 release is for developers and testers,

Let’s set some points in perspective :slight_smile:

  • Any eta’s or news related to VCV Rack from an official point of view is stated in “Rack Development Blog”, all questions asking about eta’s will only lead to more frustration and/or confusion for users. Since this question will never be answered other then in the link mentioned right here above

  • VCV Rack 2 beta is pre-release, if you wish to use a beta, use it as a beta. There is no point in comparing a beta with the current official release. For a full user experience do NOT use the beta, use the current V1.x release

  • Audio Core 2 is a VCV 2 module for VCV 2 and above, unless stated otherwise by Andrew himself.

  • All VCV modules from the brand VCV that are commercial and have been paid for, will be updated for use with VCV 2. Unless stated otherwise, again by Andrew himself.
    Actually if you take a close look at the VCV 2 teaser clip, you will see plenty of the VCV modules in it.

So… until the official release of VCV 2, which is up to the developer when that will be. The best for your own peace of mind , use the current VCV v1.x

Have fun tweaking :wink:


Given we don’t have a stable plugin ABI declared yet (although latest beta is a release candidate for it), I’m thinking the official release may not quite make November (given there are only 12 days left). It’s still possible I guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it carries over into December. That’s not in any way a complaint - you only have to look at the daily commits Andrew has been making on GitHub to see how hard he is working on the final touches. It’s very very close now and it’s going to be a fantastic update.


Good things are worth waiting for.


So excited for V2. I mean, yeah of course I want it now (who doesn’t!) but I’m very happy to give Andrew and all the module devs the time they need to get things working smoothly. It’ll be worth it!


Well, that’s a nice turn of phrase. :+1:t3:

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Is VCV 2 pre sale already available?

Thanks! KL

No, there is no pre-sale. There have been early versions for testing.

You really are that guy .

Really impressed with the new look and feel of the fundamental modules in the latest build. The addition of the flashlight is gold. I can now fumble around in the dark :slight_smile:



What’s happened to VCV Unity?

It was replaced with this:


Ouch! I hope that is not entirely true. On balance it seems more of a step backward than forward. Adding a level control is nice. But loss of Average vs Sum is kind of a big deal - I wonder which option that module uses? Perhaps worse for me is loss of inversion. I have a series of VCV Fundamental construct videos I was planning on producing after the release of V2, where I restrict myself to only the Fundamental modules. But if this really replaces Unity, then it breaks many of the constructs. Most (all?) can probably be resurrected, but it will require major design changes :worried:


Curious as to the reasoning behind this?

Anyway, it’s still there, just hidden, so if someone needs it, grab the V2 Fundamental source, edit plugin.json:

  "slug": "Unity",
  "name": "Unity",
  "description": "Mixes or averages signals with unity gain",
  "manualUrl": "",
  "tags": [
  "hidden": false

and change “hidden”: true to “hidden: false” before building.

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I think you could just add the module to a patch now and save it - then when you open that patch in V2 it will have the module but…

That’s no good for for people following videos…

Pretty sure this new one just sums the signals (thus the level control so you can turn down the level as you add more channels)


I don’t know the reasoning behind it, Andrew can perhaps elaborate, I’m just going with what I observed from the repo (it effectively being maked hidden, and its panel not updated during the redesign). It’s the same thing with VCA-2 also.

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