VCV Rack 2 teaser

I doubt if there will be an “update on the release date”.

There will simply be the release.


Sweet, thank you :slight_smile:

do we know the year of november in which the release is to take place? :slight_smile: Erik



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Okay. I got Rack2 to run. (At all.) Yay!

Now, is there some sort of guide for migration to it? I see the VCV basic modules in my library, but no others. I’m logged in and it says that my library is “Up to date” but all the other plugins I’m subscribed to are missing. :sob:

And my original patches? - Ignoring for the moment whether or not they run once loaded. [edit - Oh. I can navigate to my old patches in four mouse clicks, but then I get an error message about all those missing plugins.]

oh, my goodness, search the forum! this has been asked answered many times.

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You have no modules and your library is up to date because you are using a"beta" version of VCV rack 2, you can install the modules for the V2 manually, or wait for the release of the V2.

Is coming, I can feel it…

If it has, those answers are deeply buried under discussions about module development. That’s not the question and does not interest me.

Maybe you are looking for this thread: , there is nothing like “the user migration guide” (at least not official), but I bet you will find many answers there such as the modules and how to install them in the beta that you have installed.

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Yes I meant your question. Why are there no modules for v2, and where do I get them. The q is currently the most popular question.

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I second that!

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So, you’re saying that Rack2 purposely won’t load plugins made for Rack v 1.1.6 because Rack2 is still in the beta stage? A temporary crippling, as were?

Again. I’m not whining about a lack of V2 modules.

V2 won’t load any modules that are for V1, that is not going to be a beta-period limitation. If a developer is not going to update modules for V2, then you won’t be able to use the modules ever in V2.

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Then there should be a sticky thread for it.

Even so, just the phrase “no modules for V2” is ambiguous.

THAT’s the kind of answers I was looking for. Thank you.

I had gotten the impression from some posts that some V1 modules might work, but there was no guarantee. Apparently not so, hence my puzzlement.

The unfinished Rack 2 source code is currently provided for plugin developers to test their plugins with the new Rack API, not to be tested by non-developer users. I recommend waiting until Rack 2.0 is released to avoid an inferior experience using an unfinished version of Rack 2 with unfinished user documentation.


We brave few, risking crash and ruin. I never had problems with Rack2, it builds & runs fine. I’m waiting for 8face to work properly before I can really use it seriously.


I have next to zero experience with VCV Rack, basically just downloaded it and tried to connect couple of modules, got out couple of sounds, that’s it. I feel it could be great as a tool in DAW (as a VST(3?) ) plugin to create custom synths/sounds, even though that is basically just scratching on the surface of this product. I guess I can expect full MIDI support, good, seamless integration into my DAW of choice (Reaper) and decent performance?

the 8face is the module to groups and save setups ? there is not a new feature to cover it in the V2?

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Yes - with the commercial version of Rack 2 (called either Studio Edition or possibly Rack 2 Pro now) - you will get seamless integration with your DAW via a VST2 plugin to start with - more plugin formats may well come later. The performance kinda depends on your computer but most people think it’s reasonable considering what it is/does.