VCV Rack 2 teaser

Can’t wait to use it :slight_smile:

I checked the page everyday since 6. November…

I hope it goes live very soon.

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  • If I upgrade to Rack 2, will it be easy to go back to Rack 1.1.6 in case Something-Goes-Horribly-Wrong?
  • Or keep both?
  • Will both Libraries continue be supported? By that I don’t mean updates, only that the old one would still be available for use with Rack 1.1.6.
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I think there will be no reversion method, so keep a backup of your files

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You can just keep both - they are totally separate applications.

I currently have both v2 and v1.1.6 installed and can even have them both open at the same time.

Edit: Don’t expect patches that are made/saved in V2 to open in V1 though.


You have them both open at the same time? On what platform? I am on windows and I still get the message I can have only one open at a time. Haven’t looked at it in detail, but is there some setting that can be changed to make this work?

I’m on Mac.

In today’s world, you simply can’t run old hardware and expect to run brand new software; sad but true. Also, it seems like the majority of musicians who use computers to create have nice machines, and VCV 2 seems to target these folks. I bought a 2019 iMac not too long ago for a reasonable price, so if you build yourself a gaming-type PC, you’ll likely be able to do it for a good price, and then you can focus on creating instead of numbers and tech. Best of luck! :+1:

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Same here. As with all new software, I wouldn’t be too surprised if there are a few bugs upon launch, but maybe not. Perhaps the reason why it is now the second week of November and we’ve heard nothing so far, is because they’re making certain that the program runs well.

No one could promise it will be bug free on launch but developers are currently testing the Rack 2 plugin and I know bugs have been reported and fixed. From my own testing, while I did find a few bugs, for the most part it is working very well. I get the feeling the release is still some time away yet though - the Fundamental modules are currently undergoing a re-design (as seen on last night’s live stream)

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There was a multi-hour stream by Andrew today, where he worked on Rack 2 and talked about some of the changes.

I must say, I find VCV Rack to be an incredibly stable application. I’ve been running it for 2 years now on an ancient 3rd gen I5. Bottom shelf graphics card. And have never had any hiccups. Obviously I cant create monster patches. But it’s perfect for my needs. I do plan to upgrade soon though.


I’ve decided to go Mac Mini M1 now and will wait for the M1 Pro chips. Much more affordable for me. I thought i’d be priced out of Mac forevermore!

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If there are setups from v1.1.6 you treasure, I’d keep both around.

And I suspect it would be easy to do this on Linux. I also get a dim recollection of running VCV Rack under firejail, so it was easy to isolate individual instances from each other.

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Same here. My most commonly logged into rig is a i7-3770 box with an NVidia Quadro 2000 card, and for the sort of patches I run under VCV, I have little difficulty. Unless my situation changes drastically, I don’t see getting a new box any time soon. BTW: if you’re creating instruments for human play and tracking to your DAW, this should be plenty of horsepower. Some of my presets actually hook up to two keyboards with different sounds on each.

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Another fellow PT fan! :raised_hands: Can you believe we’re getting another record? :clap:


What do you think the release date will be? I hope its still going to be in November :slight_smile:

I’m not mad if there are a few bugs, as long as its a pain free UI that syncs to my DAW.

Lets stay patient, I’m greatfull for living in todays world where we have such amazing music making options on our finger tips!

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I installed Rack2, the version posted in the forum, unfortunately I have to go back to Rack1. My processor doesn’t hold up, I need a new computer. Rack1 max 27 modules vs. Rack2 max 7 modules. :worried:

sure? pc specs? i didn’t notice both on linux desktop and win laptop

Laptop: Windows 10 home, Intel Celeron (i know, i know, it’s bad…) 2gb ram, 28gb ssd, graphic integrated.

This computer I had given to my grandmother, to use facebook. the Macbook broke, i am using Celeron out of desperation. I absolutely need a new computer, even without Rack haha