VCV Rack 2 teaser

sorry I meant: when the release is going to happen, will there be a win vst or also a linux vst version?

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Yes to both, but we’ll have all that information on the product page when it releases, so there’s no need to worry about not having certain information at this point.


Samesies, I can’t wait to plug it into Bitwig, infinite fsu possibilities.

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Bitwig + vcv vst is indeed awesome, and I’ve barely touched all the possibilities

I do wish the vcv vst allowed additional audio devices like standalone does. Right now I can get vcv + modular and vcv + Bitwig

But the dream is all three :slight_smile:

I agree and who knows we may still see that in the final version…

It should still be possible to use all three together though (it is in Live) - you just need to use the DAW as a middleman to route VCV generated stuff externally (and vice versa)

If you want to send Audio/CV out externally from the VST (to Expert Sleepers for example) then you can first route it to a DAW track using the DAW device driver in the Audio Module, and then route it out externally from that track in the DAW.

It would be more convenient and powerful to have access to other drivers from within the VST for sure (both Audio and Midi) - but it is at least possible to do it as it stands now, while being limited to the 16 DAW device channels.

I know everything will be annpunced when it will be officially released, but @Vortico can you already say if a trial version of Studio will be available? I would like to test a specific setup inside my DAW (and with the SuperCollider vstplugin) before buying it.

Unfortunately not possible for me in either ableton or Bitwig - neither support multiple audio drivers in windows and I use the es9 to talk to modular and a focusrite connected to my speakers (and it has instrument/mic level ins) which I need. Even in vcv standalone, I could use es9 with an asio driver , but I had to use wasapi for the focusrite, pretty sure that’s an asio limitation

The more I read about AoIP , I wish we were all using that and forget about this audio driver nonsense

WASAPI with Focusrite? Focusrite ASIO drivers work fine for me with VCV

Focus ASIO drivers work fine for me as well. But if you re-read my post, you can’t have two ASIO devices in use at same time :wink:

Ah yes I can see the problem then your case.

Fingers crossed we see the ability to access other drivers in the final release.

I understand now. You’re right, for those cases I rely on ASIO4ALL, which support shared mode.

Just a thought, not sure if this workaround would work for you or not but could you maybe use the ES-9 as your main interface in Live/Bitwig and then cable the outputs of that into your focusrite for monitoring, and the cable the outputs of the focusrite to some inputs on the ES-9 in order to access the Mic inputs etc.

I currently have a similar setup with two interfaces - an RME Digiface which is just 4 x ADAT in/out (main interface with ES-3/6 connected) plus an Audient ID22 which I use for monitoring and Mic Inputs. I use one of the ADAT in/out on the RME to send audio back and forth to the Audient.

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Can you let say , in my case lets say in which I have motu ultralite mk5 , route directly from vcv vst into modular? Does it have an option to do so in audio channel? Or this is not possible in vst like , but rather as u said, fro vvst into daw track and from daw track into modular?

Right now the only device accessible to the audio module in the VST is the DAW device - so no direct in/out to the hardware modular from there, only back and forth to the DAW.

This may or may not be the case in the final version however - we’ll see.

Do we know approximately when Rack 2 is coming out – anything more specific than November (last I heard)? Thanks.


From Rack development blog - #70 by Vortico

Release schedule

To give sufficient time to plugin developers to migrate their plugins, we guarantee the following minimum dates.

  • Oct 9 at earliest: Rack 2 Studio Edition pre-release licenses available to plugin developers and media.
  • Oct 23 at earliest: Declare Rack 2 API and ABI stable.
  • Nov 6 at earliest: Release Rack 2.0 Community Edition for download and Studio Edition for sale.

So yes… no.


Can’t wait to use Rack v2 :sob:


Not sure waiting for plugin developers is a promising idea considering plugin developers who haven’t started testing new module versions say they’re waiting for the new 2.0 to be released. Chicken and Egg :slight_smile:

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