VCV Rack 2 teaser

maybe you don’t need the host app when you use VCV as VSTi, (when you can send cv/midi out from VCV)
might only need some routing

@Vortico thanks for the Audio 2 module update, in the latest beta!

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Wouldn’t you just load the 3rd party VST in your DAW as usual and control it via VCV? The whole point of the VCV vst is that it can interact with your DAW. I don’t think there will be a need for such inception. And if there is, well, it’s only $30 more, you can pick it up while VCV2 is on sale and still pay less than full retail.

And now, for the total inception confusion, the question of all questions:

Will VCV VST run in VCV HOST while the outer VCV is a VST inside VCV HOST, while the outer VCV […] inside “a random DAW”?



Are you trying to cause a glitch in the matrix?


No, of course not. That’s Jakub Ciupinskis Job.


I use a plugin named Unify which can host a number of other plugins and it can host multiple Unify instances itself so there’s nothing stopping VCV doing similar unless there’s some strange mutex code I’m not aware of.

Setting the sample rate to 8*48kHz increases the meter percentage by about 8x on all modules compared to 48kHz for me. (e.g. Audible Instruments Modal Synthesizer goes from 1.8% to 10.5%.) What modules are you testing that don’t seem to change their CPU percentage with different sample rates?

VCV Rack Studio Edition comes with Core and Fundamental just like Rack Community Edition. All other VCV modules are à la carte.

I’ll check again. Perhaps I was just mistaken. tx.

OK, I found it. If you have no audio module installed, start up rack and turn on the CPU meters, they are quite low. If you then set to 8X it doesn’t change. But if you quit and then reload the session they jump to the right values.

It’s that if no audio device is in the patch sample rate changes make no difference to the cpu meters.

In VCV 1.0 it worked “as expected”.

So, the multiple audio interface thing in the VST has been discussed a few times, but how does the VST handle multiple MIDI interfaces?

If I have 1 instance of the VCV vst, with several voices (drums, synths) can I let several Ableton tracks send midi data to each of these voices in the single instance? how does the VST handle this?

Already answered here:


Hi everyone … I can’t choose my Focusrite sound card in VCV v2 … it doesn’t even work with a similar audio configuration as in VCV v1 … I’m on Windows 10 … is it because some things are still changing until November? Thanx

You might want to give your topic a better title, such as: “Focusrite audio interface not working in Rack V2”, and maybe give some details as to what model of Focusrite interface you’re talking about

thank you for the reply … my message was also a reply, so I couldn’t give a title, or do you mean that I should create a new topic?

it is a model: USB sound card Focustrite Scarlet 2i2 In VCV v1 or in DAW it works properly via DirectSound, only in VCV v2 it does not … VCV v2 sees my card, but when I select it via the DirectSound driver as in VCV v1, the program crashes.

Sorry, too little cofee, the wording and the way my browser showed it looked like it was a completely new topic, which of course it wasn’t :slight_smile:

… I am mainly interested in whether VCV v2 is still in the development phase, and when it is done (allegedly in November) then whether everything will work as in VCV v1. Because I’ll wait calmly until November, I just don’t know if I’m not pointing out too early to some problems (which I described above).

If something works in V1 and the exact same thing doesn’t work in V2 it could be a problem, so I think it’s great you’re pointing it out.