VCV Rack 2 Pro Vst with Ableton Live 11 - Frame rate issues

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First post here, so don’t know if it’s in the right place.

I am experiencing issues with VCV rack 2 pro vst within Ableton Live 11 related to the frame rate of the plug-in. I’m running Live 11 on macOs Mojave 10.14.6 on a 2015 15" macbookpro.

There is no option in the VST version to limit the frame rate of the UI as found in the standalone version.

Thing is, within Ableton, VCV vst frame rate is not limited and fluctuates generaly at high rates between 65 to more than 100 FPS. This causes my macbook pro 2015 15" to run very hot with the fans at maximum speed (with the noise that comes with it) because of the dedicated graphic card (AMD Radeon R9 M370X) being highly solicited by the UI of the plugin.

In the standalone version, i use to set the frame rate to 20-30Hz limit and don’t experience any issue with it.

I tested the vst in bitwig studio and the frame rate is fixed to 25FPS, and everything works fine.

So i wonder if there is any chance to see the option to limit the frame rate of VCV rack in the plug-in version? Or, if there is a solution for ableton Live 11 to limit the frame rate of the vst.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Cheers Vinz

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Perhaps this thread contains something relevant:

If you want VCV to take action, the forum is not enough:

Thanks for your response Marc, Unfortunately, there is no solution found in the thread you pointed. Cheers Vinz

Thanks for your response Jens. You’re right, the support is probably the best place to talk about my issue. Just sent an email. Cheers Vinz

Maybe ask this in the Ableton forum ?

I found VCV Support to be very responsive. I was having trouble getting Ableton 11 Suite and VCV Plug-in to recognize my Audio Interface (Line 6 Toneport KB37). I put in a ticket and VCV very recently upgraded the plug-in that fixed my problems.

Make sure your sample rate in VCV matches the sample rate in Ableton.

It also occurs to me that your laptop may be a little underpowered to support Ableton + VCV. Ableton is less CPU efficient than Bitwig. (Python vs C++). I am not suggesting you get a new computer, although I am sure you would love to.

Did support ever help you? I opened a support ticket on this and never got a response. Please help with any info you can! Thanks!

Hi there, No, unfortunately, I didn’t get any response from support… I have no solution for this problem and so i don’t use VCV rack 2 VST with Ableton Live anymore, i only use the standalone app as i’m not a Bitwig user. That’s very frustrating and i hope it will be possible to set the frame rate limit in the vst version. Cheers Vinz

Hi there, didn’t had the time to test it yet, but the new 2.2.0 version adds framerate settings to the plugin version! I’m so happy to hear this! Finally i will be able to use the vst version with Live on my macbook pro! Big thanks to Andrew and the devs team Cheers Vinz