VCV Rack 2.4.0 released

VCV Rack 2.4.0 has been released, including a dark panel setting, Mac ARM64 (Apple Silicon) builds, and a few bug fixes.

Download at VCV Rack 2 - Virtual Eurorack Studio



So damn sick. Love the look

loving it! it’s looking great!

can we get dark faceplate updates for vcv recorder, host, and parametra as well?


So the bug I reported after the pre-release, and was told was fixed and would be in the next release, has not been fixed/included?

Update modules individually, you now have to click out of the menu to do more than one at a time.


On my Mac mini m2 pro I downloaded and installed the MacOs ARM64 2.4.0 pro version (paid for) No VCV commercial modules are available anymore. Most of the commercial plugins from other brands are not available. Free ones I see. Vult is not there at all. I this only on my machine or a general issue???

General issue. The plugins are supposed to be coming in the next weeks.

I just pinged Alright Devices so will post what I hear back when I do.

Edit: Tyler of AD is on the ball, should be soon he said.

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VCV not updating there own commercial plugins in time is quite strange.


And the rest of the vcv premium modules?

And maybe fix the bugs in ROUTER 1:4 & 4:1 that I reported so long ago that I can’t remember.


Is the dark option for the faceplates only available for the commercial modules? I can’t seem to see where to change it.

Bottom one

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Thanks man, I didn’t have my bifocals on! :nerd_face: :wink:

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Ok, arm64 build in progress. N.B. renamed to, so some will be left out as I have no build space. I’ll remove them from the autobuild list when rack complains module not found. Is this intentional?

it is intentional, since the plugin directory is renamed to plugin-os-arch (eg plugins-mac-arm64 is now where the mac arm plugins live)

(For builders of Rack) How to fix the library menu bug


	disabled = false;



Or perhaps replace the entire if construct with disabled = library::isSyncing.


After updating to 2.4.0 I am having issues with the AU in Logic.

The gate signal coming from the VCV Midi - CV module keeps getting stuck. So I try and play something and 2 or 3 notes will sound then it skips a couple of notes the the gate signal gets stuck to open.

Can anyone else confirm this? Any ideas?


I have this as well and reported it

Thanks for letting me know. Very frustrating.

Seems to only happen once I start Logic. If Logic is not playing when I open VCV and I try play something it works. Like a weird midi loop.

Hopefully gets sorted asap.

That’s what it was originally. I’m wondering the reason why Andrew changed this.