VCV Rack 2.3.0 showing VST incompatible on Ableton Live 11 in Windows 10

Hi, I got VCV rack 2 for Windows and it was working fine on my Ableton previously. Now when I add it as a VST plugin, it shows that VCV Rack 2.3.0 is incompatible for VST usage. What do I do?

Hi, and welcome here on the forum.

Assuming you’re Rack 2 Pro owner, and you are using 64-bit Ableton Live 11. VCV Rack 2 now is 64-bit.

What is the VST plugin format (is VST2, or VST3) who causing this trouble?

Version of Ableton Live ?

From my Ableton Live v11.2.11 Lite - 64-bit (I don’t have Standard/Suite, Lite only), both VST and VST3 can be loaded without any issue. VCV Rack 2 Pro v2.3.0, Windows 10 Pro 22H2 (64-bit).

I saw the same thing at a friend of mine, all plugins versions are installed, VST, VST3, AU and Clap.

She has a macbook pro m1, I did install VCV while using Ableton in Rosetta and then the VST of Rack showed up. But using ableton in Rosetta is a huge CPU hog as I saw.

After the switch back to ARM, the VST’s were not available again. Rack 2.3

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I have Ableton 11 suite on a win 10 machine and it works fine as vst 2 or 3. How were you using it previously with Ableton if not as a vst?

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I’m also on the m1 and the VSTs don’t show up. I can see my reason VST in ableton, but I can’t see VCVRack neither in Reason as VST nor in Ableton. Pleas investigate @steve

I suggest you write to VCV support. I don’t have an M1, I don’t use Ableton and I don’t work for VCV.

oh sorry for this wrong tagging. I mixed you up.

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Could this be it ?


BTW Bad that there is no ability to trial exactly plugin form of vcv2 before purchase for be sure about compatibility.

Hi, try this, for the plugin vst2 ;rename the folder in where are the host and fx *.dll

C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\VCV Rack 2

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Problem is I’m running the M1 version of Reason (12.6). And therefore need the M1 Version of VCVRack which is just in Beta and no plugins compiled yet in the BETA … OR i have to run my reason host with Rosetta to use the Regular Build which runs in rosetta with all plugins from the library. So I can either suffer performance or have plugins (besides the VCV standard)

Indeed, too bad Reason does not load AU plugins or you would be set to go :smiley: