VCV Rack 2.03 Free standalone : Windows has disapeared

Hi all I have installed the standalone free version of VCV Rack 2.03 to test it before eventualy purchase the PRO VST edition. I was playing with all nice modules when I double clicked on the upper bar of the window to maximize it. The interface has disapeared like the window went out of the screen or went to another desktop I can see only the application icon in the task bar, showing only the miniature of the application when I overlay it with my mouse, but no way to make it appear full screen. I have uninstall it and reinstall it. But no change. When I open the application, I can hear my patch running, but the application window remain invisible.

Any Idea folks ?

Same as this ?

I had this happen too. Close Rack, edit your settings.json and you will probably find windowPos values are way off. Reset to 0 values for example and re-open Rack.

And also windowSize. Just removing all the window... entries is the easiest fix.

Usually pressing Window+D a couple if times will bring the window back into the visible part if your monitor. If it works, its easier than having to edit the settings file.

Bug has already been reported and acknowledged. Usually easiest for me just to edit the json file directly (with VCV closed) but depending on what I’m doing, this bash script is convenient (of course it uses my paths for files…)

 pushd D:\\data\\Rack2
 C:\\msys64\\mingw64\\bin\\jq.exe '.windowPos="0.0,9.0"' settings.json > tmp.json 
 mv -f tmp.json settings.json

Shift + right click the task bar icon, choose Maximize in the pop up menu.


Thanks for all your feedback. Gonna try to edit the JSON.

Thank you . It seams to be the simpliest solution

Cool. I never knew you could do this from the task bar!

Edit: VCV just got into that wonky state again and I tried this trick. Unfortunately, shift-right maximized but I was still stuck in that I couldn’t resize VCV - the options at top right were Minimize, Restore Down, and Close. Both Minimize and Restore Down just send VCV back to the task bar. So still needed a separate json edit.