VCV loses triggers from external sequencer

I have a problem with an external sequencer, I use Circuit Tracks through midi>gate module, when the triggers are 2 steps apart, everything is fine, but as soon as they are a step apart, the vcv gets lost and starts playing strange rhythms, as if it was losing some of the triggers, can I somehow remedy this?

This problem does not exist when I send even very dense triggers to Ableton, e.g. to a drum rack

Sound like you’re seeing the same as was described here:

I suggest VCV - Support

try to catch the signal with MIDI > CV module on the RETRIGGER output, on the TRIGGERS it should work. on the GATES it should require extra logic to work properly. Ok, it’s a workaround, waiting for VCV SUPPORT to reply

It helped partially, but I have all the drum elements from Circuit Tracks on midi channel 10 and I cannot make each of the 4 drum tracks on separate midi channels. By breaking it down into separate notes, I was able to sequence each element separately. Using midi>cv module will make everything I play on one of the drum tracks merge into another.

So I have to use the midi>gate module. Gate to trigger would provide me with a module from CountModula, but from what scope shows me, the problem is already in midi>gate module.

Are there any working alternatives to the VCV’s native midi>gate? Or maybe there are some other workarounds?

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The problem is similar, but in my case everything works fine in Ableton, the problem is the midi>gate module in VCV