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Any way to see only things you aren’t subscribed to yet? I have a big preference for just downloading everything free and trying it out locally, instead of trying to decide whether I need it before I try it.


Hi @Aria_Salvatrice, a way to do that is clicking the My Library item at the top-right, then clicking the Show All item, again at the top-right, where the view option-toggles are located. Sure, you see listed “All” the available items, no exclusive OR filter here, so your unsubscribed items are listed among your subscribed ones, yet it’s already a thing anyway.

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I actually look forward to selecting modules individually. I don’t see need for the plugin subcategory. You can just have brands/makers and modules.

Maybe something like the different vult collections are the time you would need plugins.

You still will get the whole pack though right? Like if you add one Vult module you will get all of them?

My preference would be to add the modules one at a time, although I can see how others would want it the other way.

Good, this should be one of the upcoming features’ update when Rack v2 will be released, as I see.

My usage of the library is almost exclusively about keeping up to date with new and changed plugins, not “finding” stuff as such.

And so, while there are many good new functions, the things I miss in the new Library are

  • Ordering the list in by Updated
  • Seeing when those plugins were last updated without clicking into each one
  • Going to websites, manuals etc for those plugins without clicking into each one

When/if things are more module-oriented rather than plugin-oriented it might make the main Library page fit better with how I’d like to use it. Thinking about it though… What if NYSTHI releases a plugin update? That’s 3 pages of results to scroll through before you get to anyone else’s modules. Perhaps page navigation controls could be added to the top of the results list as well as the bottom?


I’m just having a problem finding where to subscribe to a plug-in. On the old library I just clicked on the button to the far right of the page. Not saying I don’t like the new layout, just that I can’t seem to navigate it. Anyone point me in the right direction?

One way is: From the main library page, click “My library” at the top right, then in the next page, click “Show all”, then you can subscribe to any plugin you like.

Another way: From the main library page, use tags and search to find the module you want, then click it, then in the module’s page, click “Go to plugin”, and then in the next page, click “Subscribe” at the top-right.

Fantastic, thank you. I only came back to Rack a week ago after a long break, so not that obvious. Sorted now. :+1:

Are the popularity and update stats going make an appearance on the My Library page? These numbers are extremely valuable. I don’t mind having to click into plugins to get the other info but these should be displayed for easy viewing.

The My Library page has lost the functionality of displaying basic information. This information is very informative for quickly finding author url/website, email, popularity, manual, update stats. Display all should be displayed by default and My Library should be the toggle. The subscribe button should be on the far right where it has always been the way it is currently is very hard to read, none of the slugs line up.

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I know is great, but I m not feeling complete comfortable with the new library , maybe it’s a matter of time.


the problem is this library ADD+ oriented for RACK v2 so we have to wait v2 and then enjoy of the new sorted modules without adding unneeded ones. Before that the solution - and push collapse all button.


Can the search filter on the My Library page be added?


when v2 comes… will we be able to delete unneeded modules individually? or will we need to uninstall certain plugins and then ADD+ individual modules?

Yes, you’ll be able to remove modules with the Remove button. If subscribed to a plugin, this will unsubscribe you. This means that new modules added to the plugin will not automatically be added to your VCV account.

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From what I remember, popularity was mostly about being an old plugin with a lot of modules. And because you could sort by popularity it’d entrench the leaderboards, not giving a chance to plugins that might be better but are more recent. E.g., over 100K subs for the MI ports, but how many of those were still active users?

Given that I am a recent dev, I like not having to face an uphill battle to have my work discovered. But I’d definitely love to know how many people are using my modules.

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Hmm, I don’t have a “My Libray” in the upper right. Do you still have that?


I have renamed the “My Library” page to “Plugins”.