VCV HOST-XL: More than 8 outputs from VST

The Digitone VST is working brilliantly with HOST and HOST-XL. However the VST sends 10 outputs:

1 + 2: Stereo SUM

3 + 4: Stereo Track 1

5 + 6: Stereo Track 2

7 + 8: Stereo Track 3

9 + 10: Stereo Track 4

Unfortunately I didn’t find a way to get track 4 from my digitone. Is there a way to possibly combine more HOST modules or any other workaround?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Perhaps time for an XXL-version of Host? :wink: (I own a plugin with 64 inputs and outputs, but I don’t really need all that I/O. But being able to use, say 16, would be nice…)


Unfortunately the Digitone VST offers me no way to remap the outputs. The stereo sum is in my way.

Maybe the outputs should go to eleven :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in more channels for 2nd order Ambisonics VST plugins that require 9 channels.

Interesting… you should email for commercial feature requests and bug reports


Revive this topic? Oh yes!

With the release of the Elektron Syntakt it is now even more important to get a HOST-XXXL with 20 Outputs.

I would like to imagine that just adding channels would not be a very time-consuming task, so please please please @Vortico :slight_smile: (I would pay extra for this!)


Another vote for this.

I just bought Host to use Redux inside VCV ; I love the workflow.

However, if I want to use stereo samples, 8 channels give me only 4 stereo outputs. It’s not much. This is something I overlooked, so I’ll play with mono samples to have 8 outputs. I really would like a Poly version of this to use with a few Splits and the possibility to use even the full 12 stereo outputs of this VST.

Spoiler : I’ll just rack more Hosts together, but please, more channels would be great !

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16 outputs for ‘HOST-XL’ and 32 outputs for ‘AUDIO’ :+1:‍‍

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You know you can use multiple Audio modules together to get however many channels you need right? So for 32 outs, use 2 x Audio-16s. Set the first to channels 1-16 and the second to 17-32.


A 32 “outs” version of VCV pro is needed

tested in 2 daws and only 16 outs,even if my template has 2 “AUDIO” module

Isn’t your list longer?

Screenshot 2023-01-31 20.15.11

The limit on the plugin number of audio channels is real, and as advertised on VCV Rack 2 - Virtual Eurorack Studio

That’s only for the DAW driver in the Pro plug-in which does indeed have a 16 channel limit. As far as I’m aware there’s no limit for other drivers though.

Agree that more DAW driver channels would be good.

I talk about VCV plugin version

Yes but that limit could as well be set to something higher (ie. Kontakt has an option for 24 Stereo out). So it’s a fair question to ask for more outputs :slight_smile:

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16 Stereo outputs could be possible :+1:‍‍

So looking at the last post,more output is possible via some DAW (Bitwig)

Bitwig is nearly perfect…But lack something “a little crazy”,visually…more possibility in visual customization…less visually “monolithic”

Tried VCV ‘clap’ in Bitwig. Not more than 16 mono outputs

But reflecting to that,not so annoying with 2 VSts in a patch,there is 4 ‘spaces’ per VSTs

Many VSTs support 32 outputs or 16 stereo outputs like Maschine, most drum samplers etc. Would love VCV to have 32 as well. Host XXL