VCV HOST-XL: More than 8 outputs from VST

The Digitone VST is working brilliantly with HOST and HOST-XL. However the VST sends 10 outputs:

1 + 2: Stereo SUM

3 + 4: Stereo Track 1

5 + 6: Stereo Track 2

7 + 8: Stereo Track 3

9 + 10: Stereo Track 4

Unfortunately I didn’t find a way to get track 4 from my digitone. Is there a way to possibly combine more HOST modules or any other workaround?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Perhaps time for an XXL-version of Host? :wink: (I own a plugin with 64 inputs and outputs, but I don’t really need all that I/O. But being able to use, say 16, would be nice…)

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Unfortunately the Digitone VST offers me no way to remap the outputs. The stereo sum is in my way.

Maybe the outputs should go to eleven :slight_smile: