VCV HOST-XL: More than 8 outputs from VST

The Digitone VST is working brilliantly with HOST and HOST-XL. However the VST sends 10 outputs:

1 + 2: Stereo SUM

3 + 4: Stereo Track 1

5 + 6: Stereo Track 2

7 + 8: Stereo Track 3

9 + 10: Stereo Track 4

Unfortunately I didn’t find a way to get track 4 from my digitone. Is there a way to possibly combine more HOST modules or any other workaround?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Perhaps time for an XXL-version of Host? :wink: (I own a plugin with 64 inputs and outputs, but I don’t really need all that I/O. But being able to use, say 16, would be nice…)


Unfortunately the Digitone VST offers me no way to remap the outputs. The stereo sum is in my way.

Maybe the outputs should go to eleven :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in more channels for 2nd order Ambisonics VST plugins that require 9 channels.

Interesting… you should email for commercial feature requests and bug reports


Revive this topic? Oh yes!

With the release of the Elektron Syntakt it is now even more important to get a HOST-XXXL with 20 Outputs.

I would like to imagine that just adding channels would not be a very time-consuming task, so please please please @Vortico :slight_smile: (I would pay extra for this!)

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Another vote for this.