VCV Host: VST3

When will this get implemented? I’m interested in it for making use of U-he’s Presswerk for sidechaining.

For hosting VCV Rack as a VST3:

VCV Rack for DAWs will be available as a 64-bit VST2 plugin for around $99 shortly after Rack v2 is released around Jan-Feb 2020. VST3/AU/AAX/LV2 versions might be released afterwards, but this is not yet confirmed.

If you’re talking about VCV Host, VST3 support is not yet confirmed.

in the meantime, you can use a plugin like blue cat’s patchwork to host vst3 plugins in vcv host.

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vst3 support for host would be amazing since most of native instruments plugins have moved to vst3 and no longer seem to support v2 (as far as I can tell)

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I ended up here while trying to find a workaround for running vst3 plugins with host. I am running flstudio as a plugin in host, and now I’m trying to figure out how to control the midi channel being sent. It seems like there would almost be a way to do that using some of the existing cv-midi modules, but it’s not quite set up that way. There’s a lot of potential being able to run a daw in host vs the other way around

I’m pretty sure you can’t choose MIDI channels with Host, per Andrew’s answer above - everything is sent on channel 1 as far as I can tell.

You can load VST3 in Blue Cats PatchWork which is a VST2. For midi you can use loopMIDI this would be picked up by MIDI-CV / CV-MIDI.

for vst3 I can use the flstudio vst2 plugin since I already have it. I’m sure blue cat works too but I’d rather not pay another $100 for a workaround. There’s probably a free option, but it’s still a workaround. Hopefully vst3 support is on the roadmap for vcvHost. as for midi, it would be nice to have built in multichannel support in vcvHost too. I know vcv rack is free and there’s a lot of demand for features, but vcvHost is a paid plugin and these would be wonderful features to see in future upgrades.

I hear you, though VST3 support in PatchWork is just a bonus. It has many other brilliant features that are worth having in a toolbox, in my opinion. for commercial feature requests and bug reports, harder to track here on the Forum. But, it just has not been confirmed about VST3 in Host! The request is probably already submitted.

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its a open-source VST2 that can host VST3 inst & FX

i use it in VCV with success


thanks, that will probably work for now

Hai. Any chance we could get a re-guesstimate on the current roadmap / when you’re roughly hoping to make v2 & (more importantly for some as this will open up new avenues) VCV Rack for DAWs available ? Churs.

No, but follow Rack development blog for the most up-to-date Rack development news.

No news after Feb 14? thanks!

When there will be news, they will be put there :slight_smile:

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I spent a few hours looking for a solution to use Reason as a VST 3 within host.

Element, mentioned above, gave me a lot of trouble - running multiple instances was basically impossible. UI taking forever to render and crashing.

I finally found, from a 6 years old forum post, a, uh, a shady file straight from an unmarked file index, that I could find very little more context about. - the latest version. at the time of writing. The plugins in Gear/Vst include vsti3shell.x64.dll and vst3shell.x64.dll, a transparent VST3 -> VST2 wrapper that works properly, albeit with a few ui glitches still.

Here’s a quick test with random presets I made with 6 instances (5 VSTi and one effect). I can quit and reload Rack and find my patch as I left it without anything breaking.


Probably Xlutop Buzz dll’s is enough…