VCV Envelope Follower not picking up on signals from ES-8

So I wanted to play around with envelope followers to get a better idea of them before buying one for my hardware rack. I triggered a sample from my Assimil8or, sent it to the ES-8, and in VCV rack had the “from device” from the Audio 16 module go to an envelope follower, then back “to device”, but it seems not envelope is generated. I tried with four different envelope followers. Then I tried using a sample player within VCV rack and the envelope followers worked, so it must be something wrong with the signal from the ES-8 that VCV does not like. Any ideas on how to fix this?

You don’t say if you’re running MacOS.

But perhaps this:

Use the oscilloscope to check for inputs on the audio-module.

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Thank you! That was indeed the issue.