VCV Drums

Meet VCV Drums, an analog-modeled drum synthesizer for VCV Rack. Includes 9 drum instruments based on vintage drum machines using Vult DSP technology. Also comes with a compact 10-channel stereo drum mixer module.


repeating what I said in The 2.0 Announcement Post

Not sure what I think of them. At $30, Hora’s drums are both less expensive and seem to have deeper options to adjust the sound. I will concede that the large combined drum module with mixer is a clean way to drop everything in at once and that the master tune & accent controls are cool, but from trying to put Hora’s drums on a sub-mixer and then use a single channel of mindmeld’s mixer before, I fear it will run into the same problem with level issues (mixers into mixers aren’t as straight forward as they seem).

I would still be interested to try them, but alreadying having hora’s analog drums, I can’t really justify the purchase. I hope Ormi or someone that may be given a licence for review can do the comparison and see if there is a good reason to go with one over the other and if the all-in-one module does offer a significant playability improvment

I’m also quite surprised there’s not an option for a polyphonic signal trigger input or polyphonic signal output that carries each of the sounds separately

Options ,

there is not a good reason to Buy any of the option since You can always sample a drum machine or drums, or Even patch your own drums.

But if you decide to buy is always good have options.

I own the hora drum too and I will buy this to support the vcv rack

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Sampling will not give you the same ability to CV the parameters of the sound

Setting up good drum synthesis requires a pretty good understanding of how analog drums work and usually multiple envelope generators, filters and oscillators along with a noise source. I usually don’t want to go to the trouble of designing a full drum (or multiple) from scratch with every patch, and the CPU hit of having those modules be interconnected instead of one self contained module will be worse

They are 909 based, while Hora are 808 based This is why you need both!!! :smiley:


Truth be told, I don’t know the difference in the sound between the 909 and 808 all that well. I’d definitely love to hear them side by side, but it’s a tad hard to justify the purchase until then

Here is the answer to all your question

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The kick is the biggest difference to me: 808= hiphop kick, 909= techno kick I think the hat circuit is also quite different

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Interesting - Are all the new VCV drums definitely 909 based? hats etc? it mentions the Kick can be either 808 or 909 circuit. If so I’m sold!

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I’m planing on writing a blog post about the details, since I did all the modeling part of the drums. Basically, the drums are analog models based on circuits of the 909. The kick has 808 option. For all the metals, I did not use any source material from the original 909 since they are samples. So I created my own synthesis engine keeping the limitations of the electronics from the 80’s.


Awesome - if these are your models of the 909 then that’s certainly good enough for me :slight_smile:

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Hi all, here is a clip with the drum kit when it was still in testing phase, before they had a GUI.

I think this kit is very useful and sounds way more punchy then Hora drums, (which mimics more an 808 feel, but sounds great too in its own way).


I’m not sure what you’re tying to say. I understand drum synthesis quite well. I wrote Perc | Opinionated Guides and made the patches for the page, and am currently working on a hybrid drum machine for my senior design project at my university.

Sounds and looks great; nice work, @Vortico and @modlfo ! Can’t wait to try this out when I get a second. Compact module is a nice design idea.


Why do these have to come out in the month where I’ve splurged all my money on music equipment!? End of the month I’m all over these.

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Don’t overthink it. Just buy it because it will be fun. You can justify $30.

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What about the rest of the people around ? Not everyone is as clever as you i guess, maybe they enjoy prebuilt drums that sound good and are customisable, and they prefer to purchase VCV stuff because of UI, and supporting the project ? And also because they like new options and stuff to explore ?

Idk, maybe i’m just projecting my feelings :)))


Anyway, to be back on topic, these look and sound pretty sweet from the Demo :slight_smile: I’ve always liked doing drums better in rack than anywhere else, so as soon as i have some time and money free i’ll get this and toy around with it :smiley:


Erm, maybe I was unclear. That’s exactly the point I was trying to make to @David when I replied that