VCV can't load patch


Since VCV Rack Pro 2.0.2 (2.0.1 worked fine) I get following error when I try to load a patch:

Does anyone have an idea how i could solve this problem? Starting it with admin rights doesn’t help. Reinstalling didn’t help either.

I fear icant‘t be of real help here. But I had this problem since release and after de- and reinstalling many times (for three days) it worked.

Here‘s my thread:

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Avast was reported on FB to be causing a problem like this

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Thank you! I just deleted following files in Documents/Rack2 (I use Windows):

  • settings.json
  • autosave folder
  • plugins folder

Then I started VCV Rack Pro 2.0.2 again, logged in, downloaded all modules again. Now it seems to work again. Maybe this helps if someone stumbles upon the same issue.


Thanks, I’ve try deleting just the autosave folder and everything works well now.