VCV as a VST

What do I have to do to be able to use the VCV rack inside a DAW. I understand that there is a “bridge” to do that but i don’t know where to get it or how to install it. If someone could give me a help I would appreciate it. Thank you

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hey pedro!

take a look of the manual FAQ

In addition to the points raised in the FAQ, if you have Reaper on Windows you can use ReaRoute to send to and from VCV Rack

@pedromestrejazz Hi, you can also take a look at Andrew points in this Reddit thread:

and look for “VCV Bridge” in our community to learn more about Bridge history, issues, and deprecation choice.
That said, one can still find the VST bundle in the Bridge folder of the package (this is for Windows), and you can manually extract it and move the VST’s in your system VST folder.
That’s because Rack 1.+ still supports Bridge serving through the Audio-8 and Midi-CV I/Omodules.
This is just if you can’t help to experiment with it, until VCV Rack for DAWs will come to life. In the meantime, happy new VCV year!

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