VCV 2.1.2 won't run on Nvidia T1000

Hi Folks, wanted to check here before submitting a bug report. VCV 1.+ runs just fine on Nvidia T1000, but for some reason VCV 2.1.2 won’t. I have updated my Nvidia driver, made sure that VCV 2.1.2 was in “High Performance” mode in my graphics settings. Running Windows 10, Lenovo, i7, 2.60GHz, 32 Gig RAM, 64-bit Any advice?

This is a page from another user who had issues running Rack 2 on windows 10. Checking the audio driver and double checking if there are any multiples of files can help. I have had similar things happen on mac where programs would stop running or certain buttons stopped functioning because of multiple files. This would turn into a routing error where the software would not be able to find the source file.

Hope this helps

-DJ Zen Zieke

Oops maybe I didn’t describe my problem properly. VCV Rack 2.1.2 loads and works, but it won’t use NVIDIA, despite all the settings and the updated drivers. VCV 1. does run on this card, so why doesn’t VCV 2.?

(please note I am just one person with a massive interest in technology. these are suggestions through personal experience and research. I do not currently own a PC currently so I offer this to assist in solutions however you may take the advice with a grain of salt. If the problem that you are having is more related to the graphics card running VCV Rack 2 rather than just using the software of VCV Rack 2 then I would suggest going to Nvidia support.)

Current guesses on possible errors [no particular order, I just put numbers for organization]:

  1. GPU hardware connection has been disconnected in some way (I am assuming this is not the case (as you have mentioned checking the hardware interface) however I will leave it here because sometimes things can be setup and working, then shift once another app is opened. I have personally had this issue pop up before with regards to audio routing and HDMI displays not functioning correctly. (even if the cables ‘appear’ to be plugged in unplug everything and plug it all back in)

Cable Check: a) are all the cables being used new/old cables? b) is the PC setup in a dusty area? check for dust within the connections (this is one of the main causes I have had when phone charging ports cease functioning through dust collection in the pocket. This can also happen with cables that are setup in a place that regularly collects large amounts of dust.) c) On the GPU check ports as well

  1. VCV Rack 2 download contains multiple files or has been downloaded at separate intervals. (This has come up for me a few times when errors occur. If this is the case the solution is to delete all related things and keep note of any 3rd party plugins you have added to VCV and then re-download Rack 2. (With this possible option it is important to look and see every place that VCV Rack 2 could possible be stored including places such as cloud storage, desktop, and backups.

  2. GPU software settings are setup in a way that does not match. If there is a program connected to the GPU check what the settings are routed. This would be a double check that the setup would be routing the Nvidia t1000 as the dedicated GPU.

  3. 2 monitor setup. If you are using multiple displays in any way shape or form I would test to see if the issue still pops up while only running one display.

  4. This relates to the multiple files solution. With this I would ask how much storage is free on the PC itself? Are there caches that have not been cleared? Depending on what apps you use on a regular basis this can build up memory cache relatively quickly especially if there are messaging apps that stack up with messages, images, or video content. If this is the case I would suggest going through and clearing some memory space. I would save anything you do not want to loose onto an external hard drive or USB.

  5. Hail mary: This is the end all be all first suggestion you may hear from any tech customer support. “Have you tried turning it on and off?” With this essentially it is just a method of a hard reset. Keep things unplugged for a period of time, I usually go for 10-20 minutes. Then boot everything up and see if the error still persists.

Hope this helps and that the issue gets resolved. And definitely let the community here know.

Sincerely, -DJ Zen Zieke


Thanks for this! I think I will go for the re-install, but wanted to know first if this was a known bug or anyone else had this issue. Guess not, so I’ll be following your tips :slight_smile: