Valley Terrorform - testdrive

Meet Terrorform, a complex, shapeable, bendable, customisable wavetable voice.

This module is soon part of the Valley plugin by Dale Johnson @Valley . Consider supporting his work.

A demo and tutorial video by @Omri_Cohen can be viewed here.

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Oh nice! Thanks for the plug :slight_smile:


Welcome my friend :slight_smile:

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wow ! wow ! wow ! a new valley module



Oh my, Dale is at it again. This looks like a fantastic module, can’t wait to play with it.


You will love this module! Its sonic capabilities are boundless.


Just gone up on github for those of you as impatient as me :slight_smile:


Just had a play with this. I think I’m in love.


How do I download it? Please!

For now, you’ll need to grab the source from github and compile it yourself. It will appear in the library soon.

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thanks sounds hard, i’ll wait but thanks.

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It’s just turned up in the normal library for me. Now to dig in.


Am I right in understanding that the wavetables are at most 256 samples per wave and at most 64 waves?

my first try with terrorform:

I’m streaming it right now here:

So far I’m finding to be very 80’s but it’s a super complicated module. I’m trying to read the manual while streaming, which seems to be a bad idea.

edit: stream over

If I’m not mistaken it is 64 waves per bank (x 64 banks).

There was a recent change to the module which should allow it to load 2048 cycles waves. This might not have been changed in the manual yet.

Check with

Hmmm… I tried making a simple two wave table with 2048 length waves as well as trying to load a Serum table with six waves and couldn’t get it to see the full lengths, and the limits I got by reading the constant definitions in the source. (i.e. TFORM_MAX_WAVELENGTH and TFORM_MAX_NUM_WAVES) Maybe this is on a branch or something in the works.

That is possible!

I really love this new module, so many waves! And I connected it to transit for some jumps (faded) between different sounds. Thanks Valley!

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