V1 build problem

Followed instructions from https://vcvrack.com/manual/Building.html
i successfully managed to build V0.6.2c…

How can I do “build” V1?
(aiming to make plugin)
Total noob here.

Okay managed to clone the correct directory by adding the git clone “-b v1” commands… HOWEVER
where it says
"Clone submodules.

git submodule update --init --recursive"

is this code correct or should it be git -b -v1 submodule update --init --recursive


is correct, and once you are on the v1 branch, you don’t need to specify it in the submodule update

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There should really really be a little explanation in the build manual about how to build an unreleased version.

to build the unreleased is exactly the same as building the released one
only it’s happening in another branch

of course because it’s an unreleased and in development, sometimes the build is not perfectly fluid (that’s the scope of the unreleased path!)

but its not the same. I followed these instructions on on the website manual and ended up with version 0.6.2c

I couldnt find out how to actually build V1, so i had to ask on facebook and someone explained i needed to add -b v1 to the code… a little help box in in the manual explaining that wouldn’t go amis.

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I’m sure they will be updated when v1 is released!

the problem is everytime a new version is released the plugins devs and wanna be plugin devs (aka me now) will have to port plugins to the new version before the official release date, so building an unreleased version will create this problem every single time no?

a tiny little help box for plugins devs, especially new plugin devs like me, explaining how to build from an unreleased version would help will resolve this.

It is well documented, just not in the documentation yet!

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I thought I saw it in a doc page somewhere too.

Ive just read through the whole Rack V1 Dev blog and didn’t see any mention of this issue (unless my eyes skimmed over it.)

Hi @felix792 i use this command to compile mine v1 version of VCV Rack this is for Win10

cd d:\VCVRack1.0 - Choose for specify install destinaton this is only mine install catalog for examples
git clone https://github.com/VCVRack/Rack.git
cd Rack
git checkout v1 - use for specific “v1” branch
git submodule update --init --recursive
make -j9 dep -Use prefix -j (number of core processor)
make -j9 - or "make -j9 dist to make executable version
cd plugins
git clone https://github.com/VCVRack/Fundamental.git - for every new plugins you could use similar way
cd Fundamental - cd /name of plugin/
git checkout v1
git submodule update --init --recursive
make -j9 dep
make -j9 dist
cd …

I hope this help a little. So Live long and Rack prosper …:slight_smile: Cheers & Good Luck


It could have been removed somewhere in the discussion if that’s the case, I remember asking about it anyway.

I see this more as understanding how to use git rather than an actual Rack documentation issue.

The first sentence of the dev blog gives enough information, although its not ‘direct’ :

I thought it might be nice to keep people updated on Rack v1 development, so you don’t need to interpret technical commit messages from the v1 branch on GitHub

The ‘v1 branch on github’ is enough information once you know what branches are :slight_smile:

I would say the main thing to add to the VCV Manual is in the Prerequisites section :


Something like : a basic understanding of git helps a lot (clone / checkout / branch / commit)


Thanks for clarifying, yea i think injecting the manual with a little bit more info about how these things fit together would be a good idea.

Thanks this is really helpful seeing another method…

What terminal did you use to execute this code?

I used the MSYS2 MINGW64 terminal to build Rack, but after downloading Visual Studio Code I discovered that it comes with a MINGW64 Windows Powershell terminal of it’s own that proved very helpful executing the vult compiler code (failed to execute in the MSYS2 terminal - although i wont rule out sloppy directory management on my part).
Is there a difference between the two?

@felix792 I use MSYS2 64bit :slight_smile:

There was an explicit warning to use the 64-bit MSYS shell, as the 32-bit one would cause… problems.