Rack v1 development blog

(Andrew Belt) #1

I thought it might be nice to keep people updated on Rack v1 development, so you don’t need to interpret technical commit messages from the v1 branch on GitHub. Feel free to ask any questions for clarification of each task, and remember to subscribe to this thread.

(Andrew Belt) #2

You can now subclass ParamQuantity and use it with ParamInfo::config<...>(...) to display more general labels in tooltips. Without using a custom ParamQuantity subclass, you are still able to set labels, units, exponential/linear scaling, and multipliers for display values.

(Andrew Belt) #3

Undo/redo history is implemented with Ctrl-Z / Ctrl-Shift-Z key commands. This requires implementing a history::Action subclass for every type of modification to the patch state. Currently about 50% of the required actions are implemented. Plugins may implement their own history actions if their state is modified in ways other than moving parameters, e.g. if a setting is selected from its context menu.

(Christoph) #4

Cool! Is there a limit to the number of history steps that can be undone?

(Andrew Belt) #5

Currently it’s infinite because no actions require significant memory. Most are on the order of 10 bytes.

(David O'Rourke) #6

I’m aware that I’ll have to rewrite my Module Browser, at least because the tags are stored differently. But I’ve made a note to make sure that I correctly add history::Actions as appropriate.


do you map these kinds of things to command-Z on the mac? Just starting to do some keyboard stuff and wondering if Rack follows the mac conventions.

(Andrew Belt) #9

Yes. Cmd is the “Ctrl” of Macs.