Using VCV Rack in Ableton to send/receive signals from modular

I have been using the VCV Rack standalone version to send and receive signals to and from my modular through the ES-9 interface, but when I try this in Ableton, it is not so simple. When I use in Ableton, VCV only offers the option of a DAW interface, whereas in the standalone version I can select my ES-9. This means I am having to route signals into Ableton, and then to Rack, rather than directly in the standalone version. Is there any way round this? I upgraded to Rack Pro for the purposes of using it as a VST in Ableton, but so far it seems I cannot use it as easily and effectively as I was with the standalone application. I am using Windows 11. Thanks.


Solution in this thread I think:

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I don’t have Rack Pro yet, but I am at the edge of buying it. I use the Expert Sleepers ES-3 to send CV and Gate to my Eurorack. Concerning your problem, can you not add 2 audio devices and choose DAW in one, and your ES-9 in the other? Now I am a bit worried about my own situation. Unfortunately there’s no demo version to try this BEFORE buying the Pro version :frowning:

Thanks for your help but unfortunately this didn’t work

No, I am not able to select my ES-9 at all. I am only given the option of selecting DAW. I’ve just spent a lot of money on upgrading to Rack Pro for the purposes of using in Ableton but the fact I couldn’t use my ES-9 with the VST makes this more of a downgrade!

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You can always use the DAW driver in the plugin to route audio/CV into an ableton track from the plugin, then route it from there out to your ES-9. It’s not quite as convenient as sending out directly from the plugin but it will work.

Thanks yes I’ve been doing that. Just a shame as in the standalone it’s seamless

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Please see below:

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Thank you! Apologies but I can’t seem to find the download link for 2.1.2 Pro (Windows) - are you able to share?

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Interested to know if you get it working with 2.1.2 so please let us know if you are successful and what your driver settings are etc so we can leave concise instructions for other PC users in the same boat.

You’ll still need to take into account the issues with ASIO and the ES-9 settings discussed earlier, but it should at least be possible with 2.1.2, whereas with 2.2.0 it’s not.

Hello, Idem for Mac, i can’t moove from core audio to DAW, im back on 2.1

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Thank you for this. Unfortunately limited success.

I can get inputs directly from the ES-9 through Wasapi - as you can see in the screenshot (I cannot get ASIO in Rack and I have selected both ASIO and ASIO4ALL in Ableton). However the sound isn’t perfect. I only get 2 outputs though, which I use to send to headphones, so am unable to use the 8 outputs on my ES-9 to send any CV or audio.

I am in contact with VCV Rack support over this and will post any update if there is success.

Thanks again for all your help.

Update: VCV support tell me this issue has been fixed for the next issue of Rack which will be released soon.


Fantastic news :slight_smile:

Hey guys dont wanna be a debbie downer but i just downloaded the 2.2.2 update and the same problem still occurs… There simply is no option to use ASIO driver for ES9 within the plugin version, and again works perfectly in standalone. Takes deep breath! So frustrating!

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