Using VCV Rack as an auto accompaniment like a midi software arranger?

Hi I am new to VCV Rack. I’m thinking of using it to recognize chords from a MIDI keyboard. Depending on the pressed chords the notes of the sequencers should automatically change to the suitable notes. Is something like this possible? Are there modules that support this?

If not: It might be enough if the sequences would change depending on a pressed MIDI keyboard key?


Two basic examples. The one on the left lets you toggle the notes you want to quantize incoming pitch to via the keyboard, the one on the right holds every note you play (right click the MIDI-CV to choose what polyphony you need.)

Hi and welcome!

Maybe Meander can be of use for you?

What I mean: I play the c major chord on the keyboard and vcv rack is supposed to transpose everything (all the used sequencers, arpeggios and chords and basses) to c major scale. Then I play f major chord and everything in vcv should be transposed to f major.

The solution @purf proposed you will do exactly that :slight_smile:

Hello I see there only the inputs from the keyboard with pitch and hold, but not how the whole sound generation in the patch can react to it like a music software arranger?

Not quite, that patch will quantize the incoming notes to the chord that is played, but not to the major scale. For example, if you play C major chord (C, E, G) those will be the only notes output. Sounds like Thomas wants the quantization to include all C major scale notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B). I don’t know of a module that can do this, and I’d imagine it would be quite a challenge to try to patch something up to get there.

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For the patch that @purf showed, you plug the incoming pitch signals into the “In” of Quantum, and the “Out” will output V/oct signals that are quantized to what you play on the keyboard (the keyboard being connected to the “note” & “toggle” inputs of Quantum). VCV Rack doesn’t in general have a notion of “whole sound generation” of a patch… that is up to you to create and build up from scratch using existing modules. If you want to quantize 2 voices using this method, you will need 2 copies of Quantum.

Ok. So for example, if I have a sequencer that plays 3 notes C,E,G and I want to play in C minor instead of C major, then is it enough if I connect the chord polyphonically via the note and toggle input and Quantum will transpose the scaling to match the C minor chord? So it will play C,Eb,G ? And what can I do for a C7 chord C,E,G,Bb?

Could it perhaps be a better way to program the runs for all desired chords into a sequencer and then switch the sequencer by a chord detection at the MIDI input? Is something like this also possible? Of course this won’t work for random runs.