Using the same VCV account on two computers

Hello. I recently installed VCV Rack on my laptop. It was already on my desktop.

Then I realized my account knows I have a lot of modules, but they aren’t on this computer. So I can’t use my account to download them on the second machine.

Is there a way around this? Or do I need to just create a second account and login to different accounts on each computer?

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VCV Rack should definitely work on multiple computers. When you launch Rack on the laptop you need to sign in (in the Library menu) to the same account as on the desktop.

After signing in, all of your plugins should then show up in the Library menu as being updatable. Choose ‘Update all’ and wait for everything to be downloaded to the laptop.

You’ll then need to restart Rack before they show up—but I believe it usually prompts you to restart when it has finished all the downloads.


Yup. I’ve got VCV Rack v2 installed twice on a dual-boot Win10/Linux laptop, and on my MacBook I’ve got Rack v1 and v2, all with the same account.

Thanks you all! That was easy!

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I have also installed vcv rack on my laptop, as well as desktop. Is there any way to synchronise my created patches across both devices?

I’ve never used it myself, but I believe Stellare Link will do what you want.

Stellare Link in VCV is limited to being a tempo follower.

see this thread:

Maybe another dev picks up on Ableton link in VCV Rack - with tempo leader capabilites too. :crossed_fingers: @vortico Maybe something to consider for a pro “freebie”.

… maybe I misunderstood. If you’re looking to have your patches (and samples, wavetables, settings, presets) synchronized between two computers running rack. VCV doesn’t have a “cloud drive”. That’s something you have to set up yourself - perhaps using a NAS - or a dropbox / google drive / microsoft onedrive cloud storage account. Not sure if it works if you set the user directory to a cloud synced drive - there has been tales of onedrive and the autosave or whatnot not getting along.

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I haven’t encountered user issues with my Rack User folder on OneDrive in Windows 11.

If a patch/module refers to a file that isn’t also synced or in the same place, you can have issues.

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I think you may be referring to syncing patches across machines. The best approach is something like Dropbox.

If you use samples, see the thread about which modules support saving samples to VCV patches. This is handy when syncing files across computers.

Hi there! I was just doing some searching about this topic and came across this. So if I install rack on a new computer and sign in to my account, will all of the stock VCV modules download automatically, but the third party modules will not unless I specifically update them? Thank you in advance!

once logged in you will be notified that there are updates available, you press a button and everyting will be updated (I mean everything on the library, if you have downloaded plugins somewhere else like github they will not be installed or updated)