unable to get audio into rack (Mac)

My iPad is connected to my Mac using USB-Lightning cable. I enabled the iPad in Audi MIDI setup and can capture its audio output in Logic and many other applications. I am able to use MIDI-CV to receive MIDI from the iPad in VCV Rack. But I cannot receive audio and I don’t know why. I have selected iPad as the device in the audio module but get no signal on the “from device” connections. I also tried with an aggregate device to combine my audio interface and iPad into one, but it also will not deliver audio to Rack.

Any ideas what I should try?

This isn’t a software solution, but I have a PC rather than Mac so simplest option for me to record audio from my ipad is to use the headphone out into my interface (I use a 3.5mm stereo to two 1/4 inch mono jacks splitter cable). Presume if you did that then it just becomes part of your available Mac audio?

I have last year’s Air model so no idea if all iPads still have a headphone socket or not, I understand they’re being removed from a lot of devices now.

Using the iPad headphone to connect into my audio interface is a good idea. But that doesn’t work either. I can monitor the input on my speakers just fine (and record it within Logic), but there is no signal within VCV Rack on the “from device” connections. I guess that gives me some hope that I’m just doing something wrong with Rack as all audio input seems busted.

And indeed that was it. I had to give Rack permission to access the microphone in security and privacy. Now it all works. Thanks for the idea markrowe1967!