Ubuntu Studio 21.10 dialog box issue with rack 1 and 2

Hi !

Here is my problem : if I run VCV R1 or R2 with a maximized window, if I open a dialog box like “save as” this dialog opens behind the maximized window, I have to minimize the main VCV window (or “unmazimize” it) in order to see and access to the dialog box. Is there a way to avoid that and to have the dialog box in front of the VCV Rack main window ?

Thanks !!

In KDE you can set window rules so that any window that fits a certain criteria stays above others. Not sure what ubuntu studio uses but there might be something similar. You can also use alt+tab if you have that set to switch applications.


I have had the same problem in the computer I work with, I usually use the option “rise window under mouse” and I am not fast enough to get to the save window, I cannot disable that option as it is it is vital for my animation workflow, have you tried disabling that option?

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Yes, thanks, the “focus is under the mouse” seems to work. Didn’t know KDE Plasma could be tuned for such things !

#TroubleMind, alt tab works alos. But as I come from Mac/Win, alt tab was only to switch between apps, not between dialog and apps.

Thaks to both of you !