Tuned kicks

Hi all! Sorry for the painfully basic question, I’m new to VCV Rack and modular synthesis as a whole.

I’m dipping my toe into drum sequencing/synthesis, and I’m trying to figure out what would be the most efficient way to sequence tuned kicks. I’ve not bought a kick module yet - do any of these comply with 1v/oct to make it easier to tune/sequence? If so which would be best for this application.


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I would recommend checking out the Befaco KickAll. You can use it to “synthesize” your own kick sounds with fairly simple controls. It will also follow v\oct, but you will have to tune it first. It’s pretty easy, though, since you can right click the Tune knob, and enter C2, so it’s tuned to C, and you can then sequence it from there.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help! Love your videos

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Do experiment with other freebies, Vult Trummor is excellent. If you want to spend money I can also recommend Vult Knock and Entrian sequencers.


A good starting recipe can be found here on this forum: ShapeMaster PsyTrance Kick patch

Tuning the kick comes down to whatever note you send to the sine vco and the gist of it is that you’re using shapemaster for the envelopes. The example uses bogaudio sine vco and vult debriatus but you can play around with switching those out. I like palm loop for the sine generator and surge xt waveshaper because of all the variety of waveshaping algorithms plus the fact that it comes with a built in low-cut / hi-cut. Throw in a compressor such as the one from squinkylabs, a parametric eq such as brave or essence by RPJ or the bogaudio peq’s (those are decidedly unclean) and if you want to get fancy with extra transients take a look at the combo of noise plethora + percall


Vult are great modules and I recommend buying the retail version because it contains some amazing modules that are not available in the free version.

And Knock is just one of them. Recommended!