This forum has turned into a VCV 2 support page

I don’t know the answer, but is there some way to keep these separate from the “normal” forum things? I feel bad for people floundering around unable to get this product to work, but it’s driving the rest of us crazy.


Maybe a dedicated section? So those who are not interested avoid entering it.

However I believe that on the one hand this situation is normal, VCV Rack 2 has just come out conquering many new users who have never used the V1, all those who have problems write to the support email and maybe the response times are not immediate because the emails to be answered are many. People then come here for help, hoping to resolve more quickly.

Over time they will calm down… I hope.



Isn’t this the “VCV Rack” Section at the moment?

And this is totally normal and some time in the past most of us were in the same spot, coming here with a beginner question or a problem. And I see a lot of old community members helping and answering questions in the way I hoped this would go. It is not that difficult to just ignore the threads, there seems to be a good amount of new users who are able to write a thread-title. I do think the search-function is a little bit under-used, but that was to be expected.

just my 2c


The VCV Rack section, from what is written in the description, is used to discuss the integration of Rack with other software / hardware, for example: “How can I connect VCV Rack to my Eurorack system?”, Or "How can I synchronize VCV Rack with Ableton Live? " or discussions about Rack only, example: “How can I get this module to work with that other module?”

Different speech is when there are technical problems of Rack that does not work right from the installation, or Rack that does not work together with other software / hardware.

In my opinion having a generic section for small problems, and a specific technical support section for more important problems, could help to have more clarity in the forum.

But I basically agree with you, I asked stupid questions myself in the beginning and the situation Squinky talks about doesn’t bother me.

I simply understand his point of view, as I understand yours.

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@Squinky.Labs I understand the sentiment but I feel like it’s getting better fairly naturally any way. Around a new release is always going to be a fairly tenuous time.

Having said that I thought I would take a snapshot of the “latest” topics and I think it’s pretty reasonable for this forum only a couple of weeks from a major version release:

Having said that, I’m all for discussion about keeping this place a nice place to be. I reckon we need to keep in mind though that everyone that comes on here is at different levels with different expectations and needs. Let’s try and remember that yes, it’s awesome to have a place to discuss the intricacies of modular, but it’s also about helping new community members find their feet. Communities without new members being able to ask questions become stale and tend towards crankiness in my experience. Similarly communities with only new users asking the same questions frustrate and isolate more experienced users. We’re trying to find a happy medium!


It shouldn’t be.

I also agree with Bruce that there should be an appropriate section with all the FAQ’s if any, and tips, and community support threads should be organized there.


Absolutely. I am sorry, I made myself not clear enough. My intention was to say, that if something is…

… then maybe stay out of that section for a while until there is a solution (FAQ, new section, more stable version, less new users, whatever).

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I think we should organize us and write:

  • VCV Rack “Forum” FAQ.
  • VCV Rack troubleshooting to each OS.
  • VCV Rack plugins Reviews.

perhaps using different languages

what do you think?

I will start the Linux Troubleshoot fixing the most common issues , all the info is here and in twenty threads clones but those thread get lost (because bad names mostly )


maybe we could have a troubleshooting category with subcategories for the different OS, like this:

  • VCV FAQ and troubleshooting

    • WIN
    • Mac
    • Linux

@Vortico ?

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I agree it’s important and good to help new people. I disagree that what is basically one flat forum is the absolute best way to do that, and could never be improved.

I see some nice ideas, above. thanks.


If the forum really is being overwhelmed, you could use filtering on user creation date to funnel users that only subscribed to the forum after the Pro release down a specific route e.g. limit the threads they are allowed to post in or respond to.

As a user looking for answers the main problem is that posting date doesn’t seem to come into the results you get so first thing I’d do is look to rebalance the forum search engine to skew returned results more towards reverse chronological order. As so many looking for answers are going to be v2 only, perhaps look at a way to filter out forum posts that are v1 only and allow people to override that in their forum preferences somehow?

I don’t disagree necessarily with having a separate troubleshooting or other section of the forum, in fact I was thinking that might be needed but as a moderator, I need time to work out what the best way forward is.

However it would be helpful if issues weren’t being made out to be bigger than they are. As I posted - my “latest” screenshot as of last night shows that there was, in my opinion at least, a reasonable mix between VCV 2 support and various other topics, especially given that VCV 2 is brand new. Of course as versions are released there is going to be a spike in issues as things are fixed and maybe users find new issues. I’m not suggesting (and didn’t suggest I might add) that one flat forum was the answer going forward. Having said that I want to fix the issues, but I want to fix it the right way and if users with issues with the newly updated Rack need to click four layers deep to see if there is a fix their issues then it will only make the “re-posting already solved issues” problem much much worse because they probably won’t find them.

I think @main.tenant has actually touched on the main issue here - visibility of resources is an issue we need to address.

@rsmus7 can we have a chat and discuss?


I think that adding sections for troubleshooting is not a solution, although the issues can be many, they are limited, rather I think that these can be covered in a thread, and we could redirect the user to those threads

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I am new here, and I know that I posted before finding all the information I could and I was grateful for it.

1- I don’t expect and answer if my question is too basic and I hope that people with more experience will simply dis-regard these question.

2- I didn’t find it too easy to get started - I ended up finding everything I was looking for but it took me a few going back to the site and looking for what I need.

I’m fairly experienced with open source Linux a user for the last 10 years so I can understand that a lot of people will have a lot of trouble getting started. A big influx in the forum might be a sign that there is a need of a starting FAQ post, or a more hand holding getting started / troubleshooting / first step…

Just some idea to alleviate the forum massive usage from first timers.

I have a work in progress here (Spanish only for now, I will translate and move to the forum when get finish) , it is Linux exclusive

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