There are 5 cable colours. How to add more?

I thought this would be a pretty quick google but no. Can you add more wire color combinations to the wire menu that currently has 5?

Yep, there a few modules that allow you to change and add cable colours.

Edit: that link is not showing the filter but if you click it, it will show you some of the modules that do it.

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Mine can go up to 15 but you need to manually edit the rack settings file to go past it’s default maximum of 7. Mainly because I find 7 is more than enough and I haven’t gotten around to making the module automatically flip between the 7 colour and the 15 colour version.

Nice! I have the Inklen module and it happened to be in a patch I was playing with. Works perfectly. Thx Count!

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You should be able to edit this section of the settings.json file with any text editor:

 "cableColors": [

When Rack is closed.

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I use the Submarine one, then imaginatively change them all to grey! I find it easier on the eye for some reason.