The Urban Hermit's VCV

Linked is my first attempt at a generative patch using VCV rack. It has been visualised using Magic Music Visuals.


Welcome to VCV Rack.

What reverb are you using? Really like the echoey bass, a delay on that, which module doing that? Really like the overall feel/atmosphere of this! Is it possible to have a look at the patch? Much appreciated.

Thanks for the comment. I think what you are hearing is the effect of Chronoblob on the Percussive Vibration module. That part of the patch is based on what Omri Cohen describes in this video,

The whole patch is shown below.

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My latest attempt to create something in VCV rack. A sequenced/generative patch used to create an ambient soundscape. Visuals create using DaVinci remove and magic Music Visuals.

Details of the patch are below.


Linked below is my latest VCV track, an attempt at a synth jam.

The video has been created using Magic Music Visuals and DaVinci Resolve.

The patch used is shown below.


This was a garage band creation, but I used VCV rack to create the Vocoder sample.

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Why shouldn’t a disembodied brain be travelling trough space?

The plan was to record an EDM track in VCV Rack, using the patch shown below, it ended up sounding more space rock so guitars and bass were added in Garageband. Some partially developed space video ideas, from projects that had never been completed, were developed further to create the video. This was done using Spacescape, Blender, Magic Music Visuals and DaVinci Resolve.

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I’ve use the patch shown below to created a Berlin school style baking track for the linked photography video.

Another Berlin school type backing track for a photography video.


Here is another photography video, backed by a track created in VCV Rack.

The track was created using the VCV Rack patch shown below, then mixed and mastered in GarageBand.