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Yep, but how do you fit a 4*4 mod matrix of the LPF residual to cutoff in the unit?

EDIT: :smiley: ok, so the ZDF self modulation might be a bit hard.

No, mine was unrelated :slight_smile:


when I turn the knob, it switches through the ratios. And usually, cv inputs turn knobs for me, but this one keeps sweeping through the pitch

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I’m having fun testing Dark Energy, it’s a very nice module. I know I sound demanding but it’s only because I like it, and want it to “be the best it can be”. So you know the deal; you are free to ignore absolutely everything I say :slight_smile:

I would love a slider-setting in the context menu, where I can change the slope of the internal decay envelope, between linear (as now) and exponential. That would allow me to make some nice percussive basses that I like, without having to use external envelopes.

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Ah, I see what you mean. According to the manual that’s deliberate. Only the knob is quantized to semitones, not the frequency CV input. Presumably to use the CV input for external FM.


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shouldn’t it just be exponential all the time?

Well, I would argue that if there’s no choice, then yes, exponential would be most useful. But a sliding choice between linear and exponential might be even better.

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Thank you guys, new module is full of amazing features and sound of course!


Hi Friends, thanks for your kind messages! @LarsBjerregaard thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile: for the self and crposs mod, you cant modulate the two sides withc two different cv but:

  • if you want to modulate both sides at the same time: plug the cv and attenuate with center knob.
  • if you want to modulate only one side: turn on center button, and points center knob to the side you want.
  • if you want to modulate both side alternativemely: do the same with bipolar cv, negative cv will modulate the opposite side

about having an exponential right click fader. Since the start of the project we tend to limit ourselves to things that could have an harware equivalent… it’s just a handy internal modulator. We’ll think about it :slight_smile:

about the ratio quantization, yes, the freq mod input is free for ring mod synthesis purposes: try to set a nice sounding ratio with teh knob and send a quick envelope and listen to E, you will understand the idea :smiley:

about DC offset, sure it can and should be done (not for lfo mode) tho we have to check if it still allows for E’s ring mod synthesis because this is technique very “liberal” with the -/+5V concept :wink:



My first real play with Dark Energy. Liking it…