The Horse Valse - Patch Sketch Series


I will share all my music and patches here made with VCV. Even if it’s not a lot. Or not good. :smiley:


So this is my first patch, and this is the limit of my CPU… You can play along on your keyboard with that ghostly raindrop organ synth that I could not get right as I had audio dropouts… :smiley:

PATCH SKETCH 001 - First Patch Trance on YouTube

Looks like I can not upload files yet, but there is a link under the video.


Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss baby

from one horse to another horse, nice trance (some friends used to called me “caballo”)

Haha! :smiley: Bloodhound Gang! Thank you David! I will try to get some more of these loops done in different styles, and also whole songs. Just need some time to get my head around rack world. :slight_smile:

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Take 2, here we go…


New experiment.


Nice reggae / ska riddim :slight_smile:

Thanks ScreenSlave! :slight_smile: It is part that, and also part glitch-hop to me. Whatever it is, the music is only a by-product. A carrier for the idea behind it. (trigger switching oscillator parameters to make them sound different momentarily) :smiley:


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