Synthesis Technology for VCV Rack

Founded in 1998, Synthesis Technology has pushed the boundary of modular synthesis with modules like the E350 Morphing Terrarium and E340 Cloud Generator. Today, you can use their modules in VCV Rack, with original firmware for digital modules and accurate analog circuit models of analog modules. Buy now at:



Fantastic! Curious who did the dsp modelling, was it cytomic again?

Is this E340 a different version from the free one or is it not free anymore?

Can we keep the free version if we don’t buy this?

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The E440 Discrete OTA VCF was modeled by Chowdhury DSP.


The E-Series E340 (written in 2017) doesn’t use the original firmware of the Synthesis Technology E340, but rather my own implementation of a generic super-saw/sine oscillator. Both sound good IMO but different.


Cool! Thanks for the answer!

I really love when the Eurorack manufacturers port their modules to VCV Rack. It’s a win-win: Pure Rack users get tested and revered modules from the hardware world, and people with hardware modular AND Rack get to try modules at a much lower cost to see whether they want to pay for the hardware.


Absolutely! I think it serves an important historical function too, since, as we’re now finding out, hardware Eurorack manufacturers (like SynTech) don’t stay around forever.

Consensus on the E440 is that it’s one of the very best lowpass filters ever designed, and @jatinchowdhury18 is, I’m going to go ahead and say it, one of the best DSP programmers who has ever lived, so this is a particularly good pairing :slight_smile:

Also–and I’ve wondered this before, with the Doepfer release, Airwindows release, and others–this seems like it should be front page news at a number of music tech sites. Much more interesting than another VST company releasing another optocompressor plugin. (Personally, I’m as enthusiastic about non-hardware-clone releases too–I love that Rack can go far beyond hardware modular–but the hardware clone angle seems like an easy press hook).


If I wasn’t broke AF that was an istant buy. Let’s see after the summer… Those free plugins from ChowDSP are excellent, I use them since the dawn of time, I really trust them


Sorry no some video\audio examples for these modules ? (exactly in current vcv implementation). Considering lack of trialing ability it seems to me that very needed aspect at release stage (before purchase).


I’m sure there will be some coming soon, but in the meantime any videos on the hardware (of which there are plenty) will give you a good idea, especially for the digital ports. One of the side benefits of hardware clones!

That won’t tell you how faithful the modeled E440 is, of course, but Jatin is absolutely top-tier.

Looking forward to trying these myself very soon. Paul (SynTech creator) said on Mod Wiggler that more ports are possible if these sell well…

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Waiting for some videos to pull the trigger

Ah great to know! I was just comparing them and they’re totally different so I was wondering.

I used the old super-saw implementation and loved it, but this new firmware-identical version is very cool and different!

Glad this could happen, really fun to see these new modules!

They’re very close, having them both side by side is fascinating!



VCV E440 self-oscillates from about reso=9 and sounds really good even at high resonance. To my ears it sounds great; certainly up with the better VCV filters although my favourite is still the Doepfer. It’s great to have more really good analogue-sounding filters recently.

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You’re not getting a ton of noise from E440?

This is with no input, frequency set to 7, sweeping the resonance from min to max. Then setting frequency to 8 and repeating, then 9, then 10. This is the 2-pole output but they all do this. Bass boost is off here.

And this is E350 into E440 with no resonance, drive at 5, sweeping Frequency from 5 to 10 and back, first with bass boost on and then off. Again, the 2-pole output but they all have this noisy behavior.

At lower frequency ranges and not too much resonance, I think it sounds pretty great (it’s not 100% noise-free there but it’s tolerable), but the noise was a surprise.

Yes, I’m getting that too.

Seems like the noise thing is tied into sample rate. I changed my Sample rate from 48khz to 96 and the E440 behaves as you would expect.

Running at 48khz the output breaks out into white noise with any amount of resonance once the Frequency control hits approx 270Hz. This does not happen at 96KHZ

Edit: appears to be tied into the FM1 input signal level. I’m running a Bogaudio AD envelope into FM 1 and the noise goes away if I turn the FM1 amount down…


Here are some videos of the hardware Synthesis Technology modules.

The VCV Rack versions of these modules should sound and behave the same. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see in a video featuring the VCV Rack versions?