Suzanne Ciani 4 Buchla patch setup and techniques in VCV

Hi everybody !

First, Thank you a lot Pyer for those videos, they are of incredible value, your work is really really appreciated ! The recreation of the MARF with basic modules got me lost a few times, but in the end I learned a lot and it is working !

I noticed something : when using the offset from the atenuverters (befaco’s ones) the playhead started with an offset but did not play the full sequence, for exemple, with a 5V offset it would start at the middle, reach the end and stall there for half the phase duration, then start over at the middle.

Did I do something wrong ?

Anyway I came up with a solution for the playhead position offset and thought I’d share it here, even if just to remind our Official.Buchla.In.VCV.Provider ( @synthi ) than a “real” 248 would be noïce :grinning: .

Instead of befaco’s atenuverters I used this :

And it seems to be working, the Offset knobs offsets, it’s value is mixed with the original phase, and “Modulo Magic” works its magic and keeps it going 0=>10V without stalling, stoping or anything.


informative talk


Hi Friends! So this is it, the last episode of the serie is due in a few hours, this adventure was way too big for me, I learn a lot and I hope it was useful to you as well :slight_smile:


As a novice, I’m looking forward to dive in. Thank you for your hard work doing these series and Modular collection. Very usefull and super interesting !

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I’d so love to see a Buchla MARF / 248 in VCV. It seems like such a versatile performance tool. Anyone up to the challenge? @synthi what do you think?


someone on the VCV discord severs says they are working on onw.

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I started a couple of times, but I feel that it’s useless to repro exactly 1 to 1 in a VCV world
(too many arcaic controls and actions)

(I own a real/clone MArF withe extension to 32 steps)

I need to find the creative push to start a project that will stop me for a couple of months


How about taking a lesson from South Park’s underpants gnomes? Step 1: write VCV module. Step 3: massive accumulation of wealth.


Respect! I’m searching for a sequencer that gives as much flexibility, performability and depth as MARF. The equivalent just doesn’t seem to exist out there: multiple playheads, external or internal sequences, step-length control and simple fader control of most of the functions. It would be great to be able set the length of each sequence, have phase-addressable playback and more VCV-friendly controls (like the @clone45 Digital Sequencer) but that’s all dreaming. I’d love to see it come to life!

What’s a playhead in this context? Something to do with sequencers?

A playhead is the position of playback in the sequencer. Most sequencers have one playhead per channel (like ShapeMaster). Some allow multiple playheads (like using Poly select inputs on Bogaudio ADDR)

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DHE sequencers has some very close shots at MARF, though it’s only one play head. Ciani usage of the MARF us the tip of the iceberg I don’t know if it something that would be interesting in vcv because it’s really hard to use and long learning curve. And it’s not optimised for screen: you need two hands, holding things, quick switch of buttons, it’s a performance as much as a programmation tool… Also don’t do it because it will make all my videos obsolete :rofl::rofl: Jk, I’ll keep the rest of my musical life trying to convince Antonio to do it :wink: I have some ideas for mouse use related improvements but it’s only draft a this point


Is it something that you could set up with a midi controller?