Support Response Time?

I sent s email to 6 days ago about adding a premium plugin in to the Library. I’m wondering if anyone here knows how long I might expect to wait for a response. I’m not upset. I understand they are a small team likely doing this on the side. I’m just trying to set my expectations correctly for when I might get a response. Thanks!

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I contacted VCV support on November 30th, 2021 about selling modules. I got a response on February 7th, 2022.

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Update: I just got a same-day response from support. Maybe my previous request got lost for a while.

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It has been 55 days since I emailed support and requested to add my first module to the library. It still hasn’t been added.

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Oh gosh, that’s concerning. I sent off a request to add a module, to the “contact” email address, just over a week ago and was wondering how long this might take.

Did you email them? The process is documented here

Emailing is not part of the process as far as I know.

It depends what plugin you’re distributing. You are correct regarding open-source plugins. For closed-source and commercial plugins the process is done by email to support@ as stated in: VCV Manual - Plugin Licensing

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My understanding is: If you are releasing plugins open source, then no you don’t have to email them and you follow that guide on Git. But if you are doing closed source freeware or paid modules using VCV’s commercial royalty licensing, then you have to email them.

For anyone interested I first emailed support Feb 9th and got a response March 4th

Is your plugin open source? What is the name of your plugin?

I am designing closed source freeware to start and plan to do some paid modules using VCV’s commercial royalty licensing eventually. You can find some info about the plugin I’ll be releasing here.

FYI, I did hear back from Andrew last week and things are moving along now!

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Are there any updates on the plugin’s release? Looking forward to trying it!