Anyone interested in beta testing Kinotone's first reverb module?

Hellooo if anyone is interested in trying the beta for my new module “Colors”, a really nice reverb for ambient and electronic music, you can download it here. Link removed.

I made the algorithm from scratch earlier this year (not a Clouds reverb or Dattoro or anything). It’s an FDN with input diffusion, multi-tapped delays, and twelve internal LFOs being used to modulate delay times. It was originally designed to run on an embedded ARM processor, so should be fairly low CPU.

Simply follow this link and do a “save link as” with the .vcvplugin file and then save that file to your Rack2/plugins folder. Should boot up and then be available in your Library. If it crashes Rack 2 for any reason, simply delete it from the Rack2/plugins folder and it’ll disappear.

If you download it, please let me know which OS you downloaded it for, and if you could, once it’s up and running, click Engine->Performance Meters and let me know what % CPU you’re seeing for my module. Should be fairly low (1-3% CPU) but just want to confirm. Let me know if you have any issues with it, otherwise enjoy.


Neat - 1.2% here on 48kHz, 1 thread on Ryzen 7 3700x 3.6GHz, Windows 11

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Nice reverb! Clean and simple UI. I just put it on a send on a patch I made recently and it sounds nice. I’m on a Mac 11.6.1 Big Sur, 3.1 GHz, 6-core Intel i5, 8GB ram. It’s going between 1.7 and 1.8% on my patch.

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Sweet sounding Reverb! Loaded with no issues on Win 10: i7-3520M / Intel HD 4000 graphics (old laptop) One tread enabled - 2.3% performance meter Thanks!

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Usage of 1,8/1,9 % sending a sequence through it. Win 10, VCV 2.0.3b standalone, 1 thread.

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Usage of 2.7 Mac OS, VCV 2.0.3b standalone, 1 thread.

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I can’t stop chuckling at this silly santa panel :rofl:

Thanks so much for giving it a test run!!


Thank you so much for the kind words and for trying it out!

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Is it open source? What kind of matrix is in the FDN (assuming it’s like the Jean Marc Jot paper)?

Nice one!

1.0% on a Ryzen 5600x / Windows 10 / Single Thread

Early Reflections are a little bit too present for my taste, but that’s just my first impression and I did not try it in context with drums / other instruments.

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Thank you for the honest feedback! I’m working on another version of this module with more control and CV for every parameter.

I wonder how I could give one the ability to tame those early reflections a bit in the sequel…

I’m using half as many delay taps as the Griessinger/Dattorro/Clouds/Plateau verb to emulate the early reflections but they are all very short (less than 85msecs), which is maybe where that presence comes from. I wonder if some pre-delay and tone control might get it closer to something you’re into.

Got any favorite verb recommendations that I should check out?!

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I would like to beta test this module

Great! The information and link to download/install is in the original post.

Sounds good! I am not seeing any issues with it so far, however, I do have one question about this module: Besides the Audio in/outs… Why are there no Control inputs? I was thinking it would be nice to be able to modulate the Color amount and mix over time.

I’m on a Mac Mini M1 OS is Big Sur… I am seeing performance values of 5.6%. to 7.2%

This is the first module I’m planning on releasing and it will be free. I thought I’d keep our first release simple! I’m planning on following up with a premium (maybe 5$?) version that will have additional features/controls: CV control for mix, decay, tone, external delay modulation, pitch shifting/shimmer, and reverse settings.

Just wanted to release something free first since no one has really heard of Kinotone before.

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For me goes up to a solid 4% considering I have an old AMD FX-8350 8 core 4GHz The module actually sounds nice, but looks like it has some inherit pre delay. It would be nice to have it adjustable, along with CV for other things like delay time modulation.


Ambuance is an FDN reverb


I’m working on the sequel as we speak! There is a fixed internal pre delay of 20 msecs on Colors. I haven’t included that as a parameter yet on this new one… but I’d really like to get it in there somewhere.


Very nice!!! I like the Mutable linspired design… It’s such a clean look. and there is no confusion about function.

Ah yes, I think there are many reverbs based on FDNs. Sorry if I implied that I was doing something novel by using FDN. I am not. I just haven’t seen a reverb that uses a combination of FDN + diffusion + multi-tap delays. I think the general consensus is that FDNs sound bad on their own and need a little something extra to make them sound nice.