Anyone interested in beta testing Kinotone's first reverb module?

<3 Emilie <3 Paper Noise

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oh, interesting. Last time I tinkered with FDN reverb (1998?) that’s the same on I used. Mostly because I don’t know that much about matrices and that was the only unitary one I could easily find! I never got mine to sound very good, though. Congratulations!

I was in a job interview a few years ago and an interviewer came into the room with a pile of papers. I recognized one sticking out and said “oh, I see you have a copy of Jean Marc Jot’s Ircam paper about FDN reverb. Are you going to ask me about that?”

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Oh, and btw I have had a VCV module called “Colors” out for several years. It’s a colored noise generator. I doubt that anyone will be confused however, so I think it’s fine to have the same name :wink:

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Of course you did… :stuck_out_tongue: To seeing the paper and knowing what it was that is.

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Couldn’t resist!

Did you get the job?

No, they asked him about what an acceptable level of aliasing would be in a digital Osc and did not accept his answer “Zero”. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Please don’t take my opinion as a word from an expert. That was just my inital thought in a very short test and should not influence the design of your module! From my understanding, when reverbing short sounds, the longer the pre-delay, the more pronounced the early reflections. I like the minimal approach of the module very much, maybe an option for the pre-delay in the right click menu (someting like 5ms, 10ms, 20ms) would be a nice addition.

Spelled differently, so as long we use written communications we should be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Just tried it and I like it. As others have mentioned it would be nice to have a bit more control but it sounds good to me with short and long times.

Work great on osx10.10, great sounding !

Just tried it on my latest patch, compared directly with Plateau in the same patch. Maybe unfair but you want some feedback, right? :slight_smile:

  • It loads and works on my Mac with no hiccups at all.
  • CPU usage: 2% versus 2.2% for Plateau in the same patch.
  • It also needs quite a bit more gain than Plateau for the same result, but that’s probably fine actually.


  • It sounds really nice, well done!
  • Not as nice as Plateau, but I’m sure you didn’t expect that on first try :slight_smile: However, if Plateau was missing I would use it in a hearbeat, I like my reverbs smeared and smooth.
  • It can’t match the “roominess” of Plateau but it does well. Also the tails are not as smooth as plateau, with more of a “fluttering” where I personally like it completely smooth, but that’s taste.

Bottomline: Very nice reverb, good job for a first module! I would use it without hesitation if I didn’t have one I like more.


They offered, but I was reluctant to go back to audio for work.

Are there any news on the developement of the modules?

I’d really like to have the reverb (maybe the commercial version) in the library, I use it in every patch!


no news ?

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Hi Stephan! So sorry I didn’t respond here. I have to update my discourse settings to get email notifications on posts. I just saw your email. I have made a couple updates to this module, improving the high frequency response of the reverb and making it slightly smoother while still maintaining the character of it.

I have been waiting on the VCV team since last year to add the module to the library. The email me every other week saying “we will get back to you soon, we’re very busy with support tickets” and then they never do. :frowning:

I have some other modules almost ready but have sort of lost motivation to work on them because it doesn’t feel worth it since the VCV team won’t add them.


@jaakjensen, really excited for this to hit the library and to hear your updates! It’s really great.

Sorry to hear about the frustrating situation with the library. For what it’s worth, I think the slow turnaround on library adds is a new (and hopefully temporary) situation–I’ve seen a lot of devs run into this recently but my impression is that it worked quite smoothly in the past. I know that @Vortico is understandably buried in initial V2 bug fixes and support commitments but I hope there’s a way to put more resources towards the library pipeline; if devs are bouncing off it, it’s a big loss to the whole community.

Just know that whatever your other modules are, I (and many others) are eager to see them and to start putting them to musical use, and really appreciate all the work you’re putting in to them!


Thank you for the kind words. That really means a lot. I can only imagine how buried the VCV team is. The upgrade to Rack 2, the increase in users, and the increase in developers interested in making things for VCV is a lot to manage for a small team. I hope there is an improvement because I really like the platform and enjoy developing modules for it. Once this first module gets added to the library, I will resume work on others.

In the meantime, you can download the latest version of Colors from my site, which will be the ‘official’ release when it goes into the library (unless anyone here finds an issue with it). Removed link.

Change List:

  • Changed the slug file to place the plugin in a “Kinotone” folder instead of a folder called “Colors”. This will make my life easier and your Rack2/plugins folder cleaner when I release more Kinotone modules in the future. You should delete the Colors folder in your Rack2/plugins folder and then install this version (unless you want the old version too).
  • Changed from linear interpolation to hermite interpolation in the modulated delay lines. The result is a much smoother reverb that retains more high frequency information, especially when sustained infinitely.
  • Right click options for 0dB output level and +6dB. I included this because the output of the reverb seemed a little low when it wasn’t sustained infinitely. However, when the output is sustained infinitely, the output can be a little “hot”. If sustaining infinitely is the goal, I set it to +0dB, if I’m just using it with medium-to-long decay times, I use the +6dB setting.
  • Right click options for variable pre-delay times (0, 20, 40, 80 msecs)
  • Updated the json/slug file to include information about Kinotone and link to my website

Hi Jaak,

thanks for the answer, that is really good news imho,
if you need someone to test your modules,
please let me know, I’ve done lots beta-testing already.

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HI Jaak Thanks for the hard work. A small suggestion is to move the plugin to somewhere else. At the moment anyone with this link can browse and access some other files on your website, potentially harming it Best Shachaf