Summing stackable inputs?

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I know I can “stack” multiple cables from one output to multiple inputs, but would being able to send multiple outputs to one “stacked” input (which automatically sums each polyphonic input channel) be a good thing as a core feature?

For example, User X has a sequence going in a SEQ-3 and wants to transpose the notes by adding the V/Oct output from a MIDI-CV to the SEQ-3’s output. They could use a summing mixer, etc., but would a “summing stacked input” be a quicker way of doing that? Or are they just being lazy by not wanting to use an extra module for the summing?

No idea what the user experience would be. Probably terrible, what with trying to visualise how stacked cables would look / work… (look at the V/Oct input of VCO).

Could get very silly very fast, so probably a stupid idea. Yes? No? Go away? :smile:

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Linking a similar discussion here for completeness, although the proposal is slightly different:

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Thanks, Marc. I didn’t find that when I searched. Thanks! Maybe I should delete this thread then?

Well there is a small difference I think, so not sure you should necessarily delete your thread. Pyer’s proposal disallows two outputs to be connected together, whereas your proposal has this, so perhaps both proposals are sufficiently different :slight_smile:

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