Submarine Plugins

thanks for the tip! By the way a new TD-410 is awesome, any chance to add font size parameter to each label in the future? EDIT: I also thought about ability of resizing it to decrease a width, sometimes it would be useful to remove unwanted space in the module which is cool for bigger patches but it maybe hard to develop for sure

Both sound like suggestions I could fit in:


emailed you a github link to a bug i found in this last update thats causing a crash on osx.

Is anyone else having any problems scrolling to Submarine plugins in the module browser on Mac?

Think it is not an issue from your modules, scrolling within the module browser often crashes Rack, this is also true for some searches, so there were often crashes if you search with the “ber” letters for the Bernulli Gates and so on.

I don’t use a Mac, but the described symptoms are definitely pointing at me for now. Thanks for the input though. I’ve not seen module browser crashes for quite a while.

EDIT. That sounds a bit patronising, it wasn’t intended that way. I was unaware that others experience crashes often.

No problems with Submarine v1.1.4 in the module browser here on my Mac.

Are you using rack 1.1.6?

Yes, I’m running Rack v1.1.6 on a Macbook Pro on MacOS v10.15.3. I installed Submarine v1.1.4 via the plugin manager.

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thank you! and I’d also like to suggest you to add DUPLICATE function in right click menu of each label. It would save some time for coloring and text editing when need to make some name variation.

Version 1.1.5 is now released.

This includes the TD-510 which is similar to the TD-410 but has multiple vertical text labels (rather like the TD-202).

Both the TD-410 and the TD-510 have a duplicate option.

And the TD-316, TD410 and TD510 are now resizable. They have drag handles in the top corners so that can be width-adjusted.

The HS-101 storage scope has an output trigger. This was too long, and the output pulse has now been adjusted from 10ms to the correct 1ms.

Finally, the AO-1xx and XF-xxx devices sum polyphonic audio inputs inline with VCVRack standards.


What does the new Masterizer do?

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It looks like a joke, an “emperors new clothes” module.

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Ah, ported the hardware Mastererizer to a module? Excellent!


Oh right, fair enough. That explains the rather uncharacteristicly vague documentation.

I thought the reference to the on/on switch might have been a giveaway.


You mentioned it recently, so I knocked something up.

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one more reason to like Submarine!

Will there be a poly version?


I’m pretty sure it’s already as polyphonic is it can conceivably be.