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I’m prototyping some SSE code for my Phased Oscillators.
They’re about half as hungry now if you use a lot of outputs. About the same if you only use 2 outputs.


Preview of my next module(s). Definitely a nerdy one.

DO-1xx Digital Operators builds on the ideas from the AO-1xx Arithmetic Operators to allow you to build a complex digital (True/False logic) chain in a single module.

The modules feature 4 polyphonic inputs, 4 polyphonic outputs and up to 20 simple digital gates, latches, delays etc. You can control the wiring between the gates

In the attached image, you can see a 2-input AND gate flowing into an edge-triggered D-Type Flip-flop. The flip-flop will change state every time that both inputs go high. And it’s doing that for up to 16 poly-channels at the same time.


lookin forward to this one,. seems rather useful, for many things.

No idea what to do with this - can’t wait to try it though :nerd_face:

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SubmarineFree v1.1.0 is now out.



  • 26-Nov-2019 Add Secret Santa 2019
  • 26-Nov-2019 Add DO-1xx Digital Operator Devices
  • 17-Nov-2019 Fix module id on LA-108 front panel
  • 27-Oct-2019 Fix typo in manual (courtesy of kant)
  • 22-Oct-2019 Bug fix #48 - Conflicting class names
  • 19-Oct-2019 PO-xxx devices moved to SIMD code
  • 19-Oct-2019 Relicenced to GPL-3.0
  • 18-Oct-2019 Bug fix - Color 1 wire not working responding to existing cables
  • 25-Sep-2019 Bug fix - Scopes should not have transparent cables when matching colors

Nice :+1:

Secret Santa will function in this version of the plugin ONLY. After that it will be obsolete.

Its just a piece of seasonal fun.


Season’s greetings to you as well David! Nice touch :wink:

I was wondering what the hell this does - then I noticed my cables :eyes: :+1: :christmas_tree:

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I saw this and it’s very trippy and fun! Wow!

thx great idea :+1:

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The DO-1xx modules are amazing. I use logic quite a lot so this will be in many patches to come. I made a little video of using it with monophonic signals, I can’t imagine how deep you can get with it when using polyphonic signals.



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Has anyone successfully used the DO-105 on MacOS. I’ve got a bug report that the gates can’t be selected via the mouse. But I don’t have access to a Mac to investigate.

Any help would be appreciated

Can’t select on linux either, had to resort to right clicking and entering a number. Same for all DO modules.

Thanks for the response. I develop on Linux, so I don’t know what’s wrong,:disappointed_relieved:

But you shouldn’t be able to select a number for the gates. Right clicking is supposed to show the name of the gate and a truth table.

Right clicking in the middle shows the truth table, right clicking on the inputs shows the following:


Works fine for me on Linux. I wonder if people aren’t dragging enough?

You drag? My bad, I expected that clicking on them would cycle through the colours. So, works fine for me on linux too then :upside_down_face:

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Works on Linux for me. I didn’t read the manual so it took me a bit longer than it should have to figure out how to make connections. My first instinct of dragging the top connections down being totally wrong of course :slight_smile:

Edit: got distracted while typing, glad others are finding the “secret”