Studio 6 + 1, updated plugin for V2.0 at last.

Hey all, it has been a while since I have posted on the forum.

I have been working on updating the Studio 6 plus 1 plugin to run on VCV Rack V2.0

I have decided to post here for testing. I have a windows and Linux PC, but no Mac, and would appreciate any feedback on all platforms. “They work on my machine” both as standalone and under Ableton Live 10, but would like to know they are stable elsewhere before I submit to the library.

An overview of the modules can be found rack-modules/ at v2Tidy · StudioSixPlusOne/rack-modules · GitHub

Builds can be found: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

A big thank you to those on github who have helped


Ah nice one, I’ve missed these modules. I’ll try to have a play around this weekend.

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You’re very welcome Dave! Good to have you back. :+1:


Fantastic news! Thank you

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very happy to see it coming back :slight_smile:

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Very nice!

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Working very smoothly for me on Mac using x64, so happy it’s back.

I can’t remember if the first version of Iversion had a reset button mapped to the APC Mini as well, not sure if this is a button you want to accidentally touch during a performance. Can I unmap that myself in any way? Thanks.

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If you wish to unmap a button, in the context menu, there is an option to clear midi mapping, then press the button you want to unmap. If you accidentally click clear all midi mappings, reload the preset.

You may wish to save a new preset with your desired mappings.

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Excellent, thanks for that.

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Builds even on this experimental rack on chromebook

EDIT: suggest repo slug not be rack-modules.

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I just squealed. Thanks much.

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This is a good suggestion. While the slug is “StudioSixPlusOne” the repository name is rack-modules. I wonder what the implications would be for a name change when submitting the updates to the VCV library.

@cschol Is a repository name change viable while keeping the history when submitting an update to the library?

I mv 'd it.

It’s more an un-slugged directory future thing. git clone <x> StudioSixPlusOne instruction? Or some kind of wget plugin.json → ?

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I don’t think it’s a slug issue, more the name of the GitHub repository. That should be an easy change and would be happy to make it, I just need to check what implications it would have for the library, as it would involve changing the URL.

git clone "$1" tmp-repo
# grep ?
mv tmp-repo plugin/$SLUG
cd plugin/$SLUG
#git submodule update --init --recursive
#make dep
make dist
cd ../..

Let’s just see what the library maintainer has to say on the implications of a change of repository name.


That’s fine. I just need to update the submodule URL in the library repo. Just post the new URL name in the Github issue.


The V2 update is now Live